Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: Drama of love of TVB strange unreal ” fall in love with me decline god ” receive an official 8.6 minutes, playlet of high-quality goods of high public praise nots allow to miss Last week, the drama of love of TVB strange unreal that in APP of the caboodle that bury caboodle entire network sows alone ” fall in love with me decline god ” receive big final result. As from open sowed day to rise, come every week Zhou Wu half punctual expect, one market did not fall at 9 o’clock, the tap water that seeks newlier surely, I express special do not abandon, ” fall in love with me decline god ” this drama has only short 10 collect, characteristic of perfect play playlet, rhythm is fast not laggard, whole journey is high-energy, let a person one second does not want to miss.

20220111075544 61dd3800d24c4

Be worth what carry is, the supervise the manufacture of of this drama is Fang Junzhao, element has ” supervise the manufacture of of TVB strange unreal ” beautiful praise, the characteristic with his the biggest play is strange unreal does not lose tender feeling again, it is to develop love, close affection or friendship no matter, always make person laugh medium bring a tear, suffer the market to like fully, a few drama of his supervise the manufacture of applaud draw a large audience.

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” fall in love with me decline god ” prove him again not the actual strength of common, fabaceous valve grading goes tall all the way, from what open branch 8.1 to 8.6 when receiving an official, gao Kaigao goes, really arrogant.

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Big ending also let audience experience arrive force of his the work that urge a tear, when early days all gut matting assembles arrive one case, resemble broadcast spell a plan gradually joining together becomes clear pattern, can produce a power ineffably, let a person cannot help laughing to cry accordingly accordingly. For instance the 9th concentration, abnormal artist Dou Zhe’s person (Xu Junhao is acted the role of) staking Shen Xin (Gu Ya is acted the role of) , prepare to kill its get creation inspiration. The history is in it seems that repeat, 7 years ago in the evening, pan Xiaoyu (Chen Jiahui is acted the role of) be killed by this abnormal artist namely. The Chen Beihe that she ever still crossed to the road at that time (Hu Hongjun is acted the role of) ask for help, and because boreal river is recreant cowardly, dare not serve as, look at Pan Xiaoyu get killed helplessly. Repeat to avert tragedy, this, chen Beihe escapes no longer, choose however head on and on. Below the director’s camera lens, teenager Chen Beihe and grown Chen Beihe run together in vast dim light of night, this one act makes a person weep really. 7 years ago see absolutely refuse to to save, make his heart written guarantee, in making him vivid from beginning to end remorse in ashamed, live like an utterly worthless person. The opportunity is made up for nowadays, even if go all out,go up life, he also will not grudge.

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The love trend of Pan Xiaoyu and old north river also is weep greatly dot, believe many drama are confused with me, two people also had been imagined to meet before this very cruel will be very tragic. Had seen drama just know, pan Xiaoyu rises successfully to three-dimensional degree reunite with parents, still obtain an opportunity to leave to the world and Chen Beihe, chen Beihe also sees happy written guarantee, promise Pan Xiaoyu after this to be able to live well.

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Two people ending not cruel is not tragic also, but the effect that urge a tear more very. Many people expressed to see on Pan Xiaoyu, Chen Beihe body ” peaceful calm Buddhist nun restrains number ” in the shadow of Jackie, Ruth, it is not difficult to because be willing to go for you,die, it is good to be willing to be you very living ability is difficult, and this jab became medium the soft place of audience heart.

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Besides these, there still are many touching places in drama, now ” fall in love with me decline god ” APP piling caboodle already was buried on complete works, go watching at once!

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