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Original title: Too raise a key point! Ancient 2022 occasionally the light of drama: 6 male gods are about to raid, who can explode? Experienced the low ebb of ancient costume drama 2021, 2022 ancient occasionally overmatch of drama it may be said gathers, 6 are regarded is ancient under occasionally the light of drama, cast is powerful, story itself is quite wonderful, which do you value? 01. ” peace and happiness is passed ” this drama calculates on inside combination of summit of summit of amusement Yan Zhi, act the leading role by Dilireba and Gong Jun. Two are thick the ceiling Yan Zhi of colour department, powerful powerful combination, temperature is extremely high, this drama from Guanxuan at the beginning of, suffer with respect to equipment expect. Xin Jinding sheds Han Ye of prince of big pacify of Gong Jun personate, when red floret Dilireba the peace and happiness of stern of personate healthy atmosphere. The appearance of an actor of two people very Jing is colourful, even if dragon needs bang, gong Jun controls rise also without striking a blowing.

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The Han Ye of Gong Jun personate is brilliant and cheesy, confucianism elegant expensive gas, the terrestrial childe of appropriate appropriate. At the same time his heart fastens the common people, it is with rectify the world oneself, to annals of v comfortably arrow not the love of change also lets a person touch unceasingly. Not only the battle array that is an actor is luxurious, this drama from take turn a play, arrive again filmed detail, it is sincerity full. From the point of prevue, the group that make is not commonly used heart, overcome heavy difficulty, excelsior, put the audience in the heart. Be worthy of is the S+ project of actor cruel.

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02. ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” of Cheng Yi and main actor of Yuan Bing beautiful ” coloured glaze ” , become the Bai Yueguang of drama of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of the celestial being in memory of a lot of audiences. And in new theatrical work ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” in, cheng Yi again personate by cruel male advocate, let a person expect to feel distressed again.

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Cheng Yi and Yang Zi are combined this pair very fresh also, the colleague of joyous luck century is before two people, a ginseng has acted ” annals of high official position ” wait for drama, but take on men and women advocate still be first time. Regard the 90 acting after as the clique, yang Zi and Cheng Yi this is valued to CP. In drama, into gentleman of emperor of Ying Yuan of firm personate Ares, when descend to the world his come across colour weak, the affection of two people is labyrinthian and complex, from the point of prevue, ying Yuan has white hair to dress up not only, still have the experience of blindness. Is this tragiccer than Yu Sifeng part?

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Ying Yuan of Cheng Yi personate and Tang Zhou two parts, one is the Ares with clinking might, one is sagacious the teenager that seeks more. Disposition differs completely, dress up also have huge contrast. Believe Cheng Yi can bring an audience different wonderful. 03. Yang Yang ” and try the world ” Yang Yang was depended on 2021 ” the honor that you are me ” become a top to flow again, let an audience see his charm. Not only Yan Zhigao, and acting also had progress. Ancient costume work of Yang Yang is not much, think of this with Zhao Lou piece act ” and try the world ” let vermicelli made from bean starch people raise one’s head and look in order to long for. In drama, the Feng Guoshi of nobility of identity of Yang Yang personate child Feng Lan ceases, his demeanour is elegant, bearing is extraordinary, at the same time cool-headed, shrewdness is extremely deep.

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Yang Yang and the CP move that Zhao Lou of ancient costume floret considers are very, zhao Lou is thought of argute and lovely, yang Yang’s the appearance of an actor also very raise a key point, have a student already add teenager touch again, have scheme home again inside collect. Ride plus both sides absolutely the person of dirt is angry, this drama thinks not fire is difficult.

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04. The ancient costume can of Luo Yunxi Luo Yunxi weighs a special skill, since ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” later, there is his name necessarily in ancient costume male god. Although he goes out early or late,acted ” it is sweet candy partly it is an injury partly ” ” palpitant source plans ” and ” fine character is enjoyable ” 3 contemporary theatrical work, the audience is mirrorred generally, his ancient occasionally theatrical work is nicer.

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Luo Yunxi and white deer 2 take theatrical work of main actor ancient costume ” long month ashes bright ” in filming, predict to will broadcast 2022. The Dan stage ashes of Yi Xie of his personate Yizheng, dress up dye-in-the-woodly by right of bully gas, luo Yunxi’s road is illuminated fully mount hot search time and again.

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In drama, luo Yunxi has black and white two kinds of clad styles. Head of black armour of a suit black clothes wears flying branch hat, the gules Hua Dian on forehead is disclosing an evil evil spirit, whole modelling has vent one’s ill feeling very. And when wearing Bai Yi, lukewarm however embellish is like jade, eyes tenderness, the teenager of all over the body is angry. 05. Ren Jialun ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” Ren Jialun is in successful 2021, be in especially ancient costume drama ” Zhou Shengru reason ” in, birthday of week of king of small Na Chen lifted the hero of his personate to chase after the upsurge that hold in both hands. Depend on this part, ren Jialun gives a group again, zhou Shengchen still is chosen to be the ceiling that hero person set 2021 by the netizen.

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What Ren Jialun and Dilireba act the leading role is ancient occasionally drama ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” already broadcasted on the platoon program. Value of two immortal colour exceeds jointly act, let vermicelli made from bean starch people glad unceasingly.

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In drama, ren Jialun acts shark person first, piscine end is dressed up very novel, and he also is challenged first ” namby-pamby wind ” , let an audience shine at the moment. Male advocate inhospitality of face of long what one does not expect is merciless, the heart is borne softly however, have with the part before very big different. 06. Xiao Zhan ” jade bone Yao ” Xiao Zhan and Ren Min act the leading role ” jade bone Yao ” also will broadcast 2022, profit from male advocate ride absolutely the person of dirt is angry, this drama already was to explode the paragraph is booked.

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The shadow when the empty mulberry crown prince of tall chilly of Gu of the personate that resemble battle, his body bears the heavy responsibility that saves the common people, cherish the world, care nation concern civilian. From premonitory in light of, ” jade bone Yao ” should be drama of a big cruel. Shadow from a child must not be bestowed favor on when, also do not have an illusion to love, but female advocate after Zhu Yan appears, his destiny is changed.

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Ancient costume the appearance of an actor of Xiao Zhan again Jing admired audience, be in ” jade bone Yao ” in, the majority that he wears is white or blue, a suit complete Bai Changfu adorns aureate decorative pattern, a gauze of the surface outside the dress from time to time elegant rise, celestial being energy of life is very. The hero ancient costume of drama of these 6 ancient costume plays the part of epilogue top-ranking, each raises a key point, and go out had performed many roles, acting not common. 2022, after all who can show itself from inside numerous part, grab discharge and topic, see the plot of a play even wonderful, take change whether to reach the designated position. Wait and see what happens. – [text is over] – copyright statement: The picture all originates network, invade cutout.

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