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Original title: New a sweet candy is sweet bestow favor on drama to raid, main actor battle array ability appearance is uncommon, leng Jun bully always falls in love with nifty girl Sweet bestow favor on drama all the time since belong to work of very popular movie and TV, because its are special romantic gut and conjugal love means, hold concurrently at the same time raise an eye to loosen solution to press a function to wait, and wide get outside reception, sow like heat ” so I love you very much ” , ” see admire ” , ” sleep deeply garden ” etc, still remain to sow ” fine time good situation knows geometry ” , ” south wind knows my meaning ” , ” the 28 law of love ” wait for drama, having respective freeboard heat and topic heat to discuss degree, got of many audiences chase after hold in both hands.

20220111075806 61dd388eab856

New a sweet candy is sweet bestow favor on drama ” first love is Durian gentleman ” will raid, main actor battle array ability appearance is uncommon, leng Jun bully always falls in love with nifty girl, CP of high in syrup is illuminated fetching expect. This drama told about green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, the good friend Yi Xiangnuan that grows jointly and Su Chen are having very good concern originally, bring about Yi Xiangnuan leave without say goodbye because of a crammer, disappear 5 years, everything what there is her all the time in Su Chen heart, the affection that depressing oneself however all the more is missed, appear in what there is Yi Xiangnuan in sufferring day. The Yi Xiangnuan after 5 years is engraved in what show a body be taken away forcibly by Su Chen, threaten held wedding with Yi Xiangnuan forcibly for retaliation.

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The life after marriage thinks originally can be one ground chicken feather, true positive place rises however beyond Yi Xiangnuan’s expect, as Leng Jun bully total Su Chen actually reincarnate became sunshine to warm male, everywhere of meticulously everything what taking care of her, the experienced love sweetness that makes her cogent is happy. Entering office was to experience his affective to oneself more after Su Chen’s company depression and get drunk, the bosom friend like green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse loves each other again regain in two life work. Meanwhile, su Chen assists Yi Xiangnuan to investigate Yi Fu in those days true cause of death, also rose to surface gradually, the two people that do not have clearance again move toward happy future hand in hand.

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As sweet candy class sweet bestow favor on drama, introduced suspense atmosphere and feeling of cruel love mood ably, the lover that loves greatly parts because of crammer and each other, have the dispute of kind and enmity about on one generation more, female advocate be forced marry forcibly, experience the flavour of love, the overbearing type that has distinguishing feature alone so is sweet bestow favor on a breakthrough before of congener gut show strength, have the emotional change kind of the turn more, love the development of translate into double love by sheet, depressive and old affection gets fulminant, what expression comes out is favorite it is to let conjugal love of husband and wife get acme raising of things to a higher level more, all sorts of high-energy occasion simply too many things to see, make a person enchanted.

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Female advocate Yi Xiangnuan is an act low-key, warm heart but the person is having again decisive work the girl of the style, the longing that having oneself to affection fears to get hurt again. Such person sets by the 90 Wang Xin thunderbolt after are held the position of, as the net red the king Xin thunderbolt that goes out, although do not have the performance foundation of systematic major, but what she shows the Qing Chunyan that come to be worth a style like however by the director, then ginseng acted ” whose youth is not confused ” , ” the Summer Solstice did not come ” , ” beautiful palpitate ” , ” predestined relationship of Chen night tide ” wait for work, what what she reveals is clever acting proves the passion to the performance, make in drama of green talk feeling especially in, she can release infinite vigor and substantial affection change to wait more, talk feeling drama made her expert good fun.

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Male advocate Su Chen is an act overbearing, having deep affection to place to the Yi Xiangnuan of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, strong appearance leaves the heart with under cover kind-hearted warmth. This part by anxiety Dai outstanding hold the position of, as 95 he after has gone out old, modelled can warm but sweet but strong figure, this also agrees with part height, he also has performed besides a large number of similar theatrical work are made, in ” national husband ” , ” of congratulate gentleman love love do not forget ” , ” love is in powdery snow days ” wait for work, very wonderful explanation goes out to male god shape force, having the show that carries attractive temperament oneself more, also obtained ” golden bone award of actor of network latent capacity ” , this also proved him deduce actual strength.

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The stage photo from Guan Xuan and conduct propaganda piece in light of, as male advocate business suit of anxiety Dai outstanding a suit adds a body, sunshine Jun Yahe has temperament, and as female advocate Wang Xin thunderbolt wears recreational gauze silken dress, goddess flavour is dye-in-the-wood. Yan Zhi raises the two people of the eye to stand by each other intimately, as if to be worn in silent feeling the deep feeling that the other side gives him, expression goes out ” when encountering you as expected, change even air sweet ” lingering speech, let a person admire such conjugal love way.

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From ” first love is Durian gentleman ” in light of Guan Xuan’s trends, already premonitory will be in in January 2022 the line on the portion, believe the distance decides archives to broadcast had been in nearly veried close, make us collective expect another pair ” CP of movie and TV ” be born.

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Do you feel to supposition Dai outstanding, how does the CP of Wang Xin thunderbolt feel? What view do you have to this drama? The welcome leaves a message to discuss You together.

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