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Original title: 3 unripe: Leading role does not have existence to feel, costar is not denounced individually happy event, only one person cocoa loves to love to go continuously continuously Someone says, disappointment is met only many a little makes a mickle, won’t blot out the sky and cover up the earth. And by Huang Jingyu, city affection drama of Wang Likun that presents as leading role to act the leading role ” consider oneself most fortunate meets you ” , give a person this kind of sense namely. When just beginning to seek this theatrical work, the seedling still is spitting groove purely that ” 10 thousand people are irritated ” Fang Lu. Later, aimed malcontent mood again, with Hou Zhirong this goes up to often be being loved less. But, chasing after chasing after, the seedling is right the disappointment of this drama, the bit by bit is accumulated rise, increasing. The total volume number of this drama is 40 collect, when can performing 33 part, men and women advocate had not been together actually.

20220111075802 61dd388a0930e

So, 30 much collect, what is this drama performing? The seedling wants to say only, this play protagonist does not have existence to feel, show share is so little that show share have pity on, one collect comes on the stage 15 minutes calculate much. And major while, this drama is performing the minor role that did not concern completely with masterstroke. Most the most important is, costar is not denounced individually happy event, or is egoistic, or character is screwy, or overestimate own ability…

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Seem, denounce with respect to neither one of happy event. But also have an exception, not only cocoa love, still go continuously continuously. So, does the costar vexed degree of this drama have many deep? Rangmiaoru this detest! Next, we specific say!

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Rascally bilks a face to combine ” consider oneself most fortunate meets you ” in, female advocate five 11 have a colleague to hold female boudoir honey concurrently, call Xiaoyan, everybody calls her. We say sock, zheng of Cheng of the person that act grows Qing Chunjing beautiful. Again the v/arc drillmaster that what together with acts in drama is security company, skill is so pretty good, whole person looks cruel Sa.

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So, in this drama male advocate, namely the friend sea star of marquis, to falling in love at first sight, give no cause for more criticism. And first and last, in the eye, the root in the heart did not put him on the heart originally. Spoken parts in an opera, do not like starfish namely that, it is OK to be returned when the friend, when the lover with respect to all but meaning. But, no matter how reject starfish, how to say the word with him obviously for nothing, this fellow listens to no less than going to namely.

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Sedulous still will if misinterpret becoming is the meaning that likes his, not only meet to profession, the place that still goes working signs up practice comes loose dozen. These rascally bilk facial indisposition, the audience regards as jest, have a look, bear also went. But final, starfish actually to retaliate Hou Zhirong, went to the company of marquis stealing design plan come out, return sold.

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This is not to be fed up with only any more so simple, touch already badly legal level. Think formerly, this one sea star has let person vexed quite. Cannot think of, there still is beside his more ” do not have a face to do not have a skin ” . This person is not others, be the baby that works in starfish restaurant. Hey, see baby understood truly eventually, what is the family does not take one door.

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Starfish knows not to like his obviously, still take hot face to stick cold buttock. And child is same also, know starfish likes obviously, however must the jubilation of be dead set starfish. Not be right inimical, follow a flower namely crazy look at starfish euqally, or sends what this sends that to send warmth namely. Make a person not have most of language is, the dress of starfish was defeated, this girl takes needlework to give actually seam rose.

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Although, this is the good goodness of housekeeping of hardworking and thrifty, but this what days, return meeting somebody blow the clothes that gives a Dakouzi to seam with nail rise? Always feel, this setting is in contemporary theatrical work, too be violated too and, resemble passing through among ancient costume drama. Say so! No matter be starfish, still be baby, there is bit of rascally to bilk facial manner in this drama, extremely do not denounce happy event.

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When be fed up with a value to erupt suddenly to add drama when what see Fang Lu is ceaseless, the seedling had the idea that abandon to this drama. But discovery of one face about, of fund of an affectionate fund male 2, namely the line on the Lan Qi that Zhang Tao acts. This lets Miao Jiao get, men and women advocate in rival in love this respect, had balance of power inspect already feeling.

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Again together with, lan Qi still has bit of Xiaoshuai, want to still be borne, insist to look! Tell the truth, lan Qi’s person is set or had held out. Affectionate money, right five 11 return bear in mind constantly, tenderness is considerate, filial also to the old person. But, as drama anthology newer, lan Qi also becomes more and more do not denounce was fond of.

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There is a show in drama, five 11 in go on a tour of inspection when, see Lan Qi is big to the staff member cry, still kick stamp with furyingly turned over a chair. This shows, lan Qi is right five the tenderness of 11 shows consideration for is false appearance completely. Otherwise, he also won’t discover five 11 leave a public house suddenly, use a kind very command, and extremely dissatisfactory snout says, not hope five 11 next time recommit such mistake.

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Tell the truth, the Lan Qi that awaits in those days, the cold cold in speech, let a person be like place oneself ice house, the person that feels him set the instant to collapse. And Lan Qi resembles in drama such, be fed up with what the value erupts suddenly to still have a person. This person is not others, just about five the mother of 11 — Zhang Yingnan.

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Tell the truth, zhang Yingnan comes on the stage Miao Jingyan lived. Did not think of five the mother of 11 will be so young appearance is beautiful, temperamental and uncommon. Especially she went to marquis company, marquis boast after her, seedling more feel oneself eye is right still. But, acting, zhang Yingnan exposes the weakness that come out on the body increasing also.

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Fall out with sb of Hou annals flourish follows in marquis, five after 11 appendicitis be in hospital, zhang Yingnan persuades a daughter however, marquis is abjection, let five 11 be far from marquis. That pair disrelishs deficient to love rich look, be a be worthy of the name simply is evil-minded female match. Although Zhang Yingnan grows again conspicuously, also can be unable to bear or endure the ground is born to detest to her.

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So, miao Cai says, of Lan Qi and Zhang Yingnan be fed up with a value erupt suddenly. Make fun of through only merely, can recognize their true colors. The most lovely costar of course, ” consider oneself most fortunate meets you ” in the center, these a few people that say besides above seedling are not denounced happy event, still very besides vexed, the costar of the others also not how.

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Before face of choose and employ persons of Hou annals flourish, do not servantchoose a person for a job after face, dye-in-the-wood the blackness with a faster than turning over a book fall out as person of low position. Same also, a corrupt admire is peacockish,

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Ma Yong makes reprisals to Hou Zhirong, the seedling can be accepted. But the girl drag in that loves him among them, lost life indeed too not should.

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Bao Xiaohan that sneaking ground, be used by Hou Zhirong, again second by Hou Zhirong one foot spurn, always do not grow memory however, miao Ye was to take him. Chen Chen although appearance is delicate, but the princess that goes up personally is ill indeed too much, did not put one completely in the eye. That says to explode the disposition of size elder sister that explodes, still be the individual character of a willfully make a trouble completely, special really fulsome.

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Such seeing, seem, in this drama with respect to neither one costar it is to denounce of happy event. Not, one individual seedling likes very much. Right, the baby-sitter that she is marquis home piece elder sister.

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Do not see piece of elder sister be opposite everyday marquis ” eyeball of be angry and fierce ” , but actually, she has kind of care that is similar to a mother to marquis. She fears he has eaten, had slept, planning his basic necessities of life. Most the most important is, piece the place in the heart that elder sister knows marquis thinks.

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Right also five 11 as happy as the thing between marquis see its are become, even, from time to time become a small secondary attack, chase after to marquis five 11 give an idea. After marquis and fall out with sb of Hou annals flourish, still will fill in crowded marquis. Although not much, but the love that has one’s heart filled with eyeful, however enough makes the audience uses a facial expression. The most important is, five 11 after leaving marquis, days marquis is whole drink disappear anxious, cannot recover after a setback.

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It is piece of elder sister him the dot wakes, let his requicken rise. Tell the truth, in see he follows an elder like, to marquis substantially rebuke, when still saying to saying to forget oneself to want what to say, the seedling is unable to bear or endure understanding laughs. Marquis this is a few all one’s life write the happy lot that come! Can get piece of elder sister such already lovely, go continuously again continuously, the baby-sitter with good to him sincerity!

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Such seeing, ” consider oneself most fortunate meets you ” it is really, the main actor does not have existence to feel, costar is not denounced individually happy event, have piece of elder sister only a person is cocoa love, the person that will go continuously continuously is set. To this, does everybody have the same feeling? The welcome leaves a message discuss ha! (note: Reason discussion, exit is become dirty person please circuitous, leave a Sukhavati to network world. ) want to understand more and wonderful content, come quickly drama says interesting

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