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Original title: Female match show daughter advocate temperamental? Come! 7 female stars tell you, how should servant girl act 2010, the person such as Lin Xinru, Chen Jian sharp edge acts the leading role ” beauty calculation ” after broadcasting, the Yang Mi of kite of personate amah snow was harvested many reputably. She still is taking a few blueness 24 years old at that time acerbity, the part that act also provides scheming quite, leave deep impression to the person.

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Yang Mi of that year, had not depended on ” palace Suo Xinyu ” conflagration, she can be only on the side of Lin Xinru, enact a supporting rule.

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But, yang Mi’s acting slaves girl in this the play in same small supporting rule gets incisively and vividly, intelligent resource of Xue Yuan, have affection justice. A paragraph of feeling of she and Zhou Yafu, also look audience people endless regret. Nevertheless, in those days the limelight of this part, had built heroine Lin Xinru to act even ” Du Yun night tide ” , after all, have clever and bright young and beautiful servant girl is beside, do not make a person very hard much look twice.

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Actually, clever and argute ” little servant girl ” figure, often appearing in ancient costume drama. Some people can be deduced female advocate wind model, what can some of person is deduced is the feeling of little servant girl. We talk about those to perform little servant girl together below feeling female star. One, Hu Jing: ” secret history of filial piety bank ” Su Moer Hu Jing is the actress that is born in Yunnan, be graduated from central Thespian institute. 2008, she was married big Malaysia of 13 years old head rich Zhu Zhaoxiang.

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Hu Jing says: My husband loves me very much, because he sleeps snore affect me to rest, go to a hospital giving his tonsil cut off. Love wife is like a life, it is the label of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad static husband. Hu Jing is in the life, also be clever and argute, play comprehensive woman, be in with her ” secret history of filial piety bank ” in the Su Moer that act is same. In those days, ” secret history of filial piety bank ” it is the teleplay that everybody sees surely after the meal, filial piety village and emperor too extremely the affection dispute between lets a person look anxious. In drama, the Su Moer that Hu Jing acts, it is the servant girl of filial piety village, also be her best boudoir honey.

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The facial features of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad static delicate beauty, let her become the first selection actor of play staffs of many ancient costume drama. The sincerity in her eyes and sturdy, the mark that is close-fitting lady-in-waiting more matchs. Su Moer’s person is set special good, she is right the devotion of filial piety village, touched myriad audience. Her lifetime company is beside filial piety village, do not leave do not abandon, all one’s life did not marry.

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Her heart has cardinal principles of righteousness, feeling of gratitude or resentment trenchant, the idea can give in the moment of truth, think way, it is the man Friday of filial piety village. 25 years old at that time introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad quiet clever energy of life is threatening, all over the face collagen albumen, eye wave is on the move all show charming the United States and rigorous. Although the eyes is occasionally emptier, but the servant girl that she acts, scene is infinite however. 2, Liu Tao: ” Dali princess ” A fine Liu Tao has acted a princess a lot of times in drama of movie and TV, her becoming famous is ” return Zhugege 3 ” medium Burmese princess ” Mu Sha ” . In drama, on her look Er health, be born forcedly give birth to an Er health grab come over to become emperor’s son-in-law. Can be Er health state of mind is however: Be inferior to returning. Rarely the audience knows, liu Tao returns Lin Xinru to had done servant girl in drama, in teleplay ” Dali princess ” in, liu Tao was acted female advocate servant girl A of Lin Xinru is fine.

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Feel Liu Tao’s acting is really pretty good for the first time, because,also be this drama. In drama, a Ci has serious epilepsy, come on rise to be spat again vomit, liu Tao this one part, deduce very assist. In drama, a is fine kill Mu Zhichou for the newspaper, married sea of Dali head rich Duan Mu. And the daughter of Duan Mu sea is Ai Yue (Lin Xinru is acted the role of) . A is fine the servant girl that is Ai Yue, can become Ai Yue again finally hind mother, the relation of two people also drops freezing point for a time.

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To avenge, a is fine suffer all kinds of torment, spent also method, still cannot get joy finally. This kind of kink helpless painful individual character, be deduced very freshly by Liu Tao. Liu Tao has old dancing a copy kept as a record, the back is held out particularly continuously, cover on the dress of Yunnan place, mix really local girl is same, be full of ethical amorous feelings. Feel Liu Tao is very bright in those days eye, stand beside Lin Xinru, unlike slaves girl, resemble a sister.

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3, Zhao Liying: ” Suo Qingqiu ” Wen Yan 2010, the Feng Shaofeng of hour of summit of Yan Zhi summit and An Yixuan, acted the leading role combat of v/arc inner chambers for womenfolk of an ancient costume makes fun of greatly, ” Suo Qingqiu ” . The An Yixuan at that time red, and Zhao Liying is wet behind the ears, performed the servant girl of an aunt mother only.

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The bleb of a baby blue, a pair of peach blossom eyes, moonfaced Zhao Li Ying can say superiorly to look only in drama, and do not consider Jing colourful. As male advocate Shen Chaozong is big a servant girl of Chengdu of admire of young mistress of the house, zhao Liying deduces this part very racily, clever and lively, the meeting is joking droll, so deep that big young mistress of the house loves. This part is a bit bad nevertheless bad, she can help big young mistress of the house give a few bad idea, come circumvent daughter advocate Du Lanyan. But every time things go contrary to one’s wishes, move a stone to break his leg, also appear so part is lovely.

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Zhao Liying’s life, actually also no less than this little servant girl is same, make from basic level, try hard step by step, build character to make suggestions, by boss appreciate, became finally big female advocate. Be worth what carry is, feng Shaofeng also holds the position of hero in this drama, two people had not said a word in those days. Till 10 years hind, zhao Liying conflagration, two talents are fond of a knot to connect manage. Wen Yan this part is modelled quite fully by Zhao Liying, an eager for quick success and instant benefit wants to contend for the servant girl that bestow favor on, taking a bit petty trick, also taking ritzy and pliable, now and then still the dot is done laugh. Although be a match colors that makes sauce, but Zhao Liying performs her lived. 4, Tong Liya: ” palace Suo Xinyu ” element character ” palace Suo Xinyu ” the element character of personate of Li Tongli Ya is the part with an around particularly large contrast, at first she, it is a simple goodness, serious situation is serious justice woman, she loves a 4 elder brother of A greatly, be willing to pay everything for him; And discover 4 A elder brother falls in love with fine plain, disappoint after her, she turns an abdomen into black woman again, think method reachs his goal.

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The person in Gong Qiang has the right only contend for, become fine plain is indescribable in the life that rushs into her, everything changed. The male god in her heart 4 A elder brother, should abandon emperor actually, he Qingchuan is off to distant parts, this lets her pay no attention to solution and jealousy. The jealousy of have one’s bosom filled with developed her brains, she should make reprisals. Final, she forced 4 A elder brother to marry her, became for China the wife of a prince. Tong Liya is right all the time oneself appearance appearance very not self-confident, but small make up first time to be in ” palace Suo Xinyu ” in see her, simply Jing is day person, having the distinctive beauty of different region amorous feelings.

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This person sets element character to also have a hotspot quite, in the begining, she fine plain regards as good boudoir is sweet, help her obligatory; Can get when oneself interest enroach on when, changed a pair of face immediately again, maintain oneself interest. In the element character in dancing, soft beautiful and delicate, jing is extremely colourful. Black after changing, the person is set have sth. worth seeing or reading more, makeup look of Tong Liya also more Ming Yan.

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Her facial features suits the makeup look of pink department particularly, it is really beautiful Sa, such beauty, who can love. 5, Xie Qing: ” step by step Jing heart ” jade wingceltis ” step by step Jing heart ” inside have a plot, my impression is very deep. One day, if sunlight to come out from bedroom palace, the daughter that saw 13 father bear joyous. Bear say happily: “Aunt, they are in evaporate person. ” the doubt that be like sunlight: “What gives others a hard time? ” bear point to happily, if sunlight discovers, have a steam box really so. And the person in steam box, be her become a little sister — jade wingceltis.

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In drama, jade wingceltis is 9 father put the enemy agent that if sunlight,is in beside, watching the every act that is like sunlight and emperor, report 9 father. Jade wingceltis is the servant girl with the most miserable final result, be in probably in last few years in do not have one of, also do not pass 20 years old when her death.

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The appearance of blueness of together with leaf special graceful and restrained, have the feeling of kind of small home jasper, at first sight resembles Liu Shishi quite; Her departure, special let an audience feel distressed. Just came on the stage before long, if sunlight to go with respect to the wingceltis that take jade the prairie is equestrian, two people are the lady-in-waiting that act according to tea, can say the word of a lot of private savings. If sunlight,send in 4 father especially when a snuff crock that two dogs fight, jade wingceltis says: “Elder sister, you have very long not such, the smile is between eyebrow eye. The smile is between eyebrow eye..

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When actually she says this word, between her eyebrow eye, also be a smile entirely, assuming also color gives a bit Liu Shishi. Xie Qing also is female star of a gleam of now, still just lack a drama that can let her conflagration. 6, free from worry: ” Home Jin Fenshi ” small Ceng Zhiyan of 8 Liu Yi Fei, free from worry it is the best friend inside him circle. Two people are in ” Home Jin Fenshi ” in acquaintance, one is the Bai Xiuzhu of 2 young ladies of white home, and another, it is a young lady of golden government office. The individual character of two people is different, capricious and overbearing, lively and lovely. When younger sister of show bead VS8, do you feel who wins?

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Small making up is more deflection is small of 8, her every act, frown and smile, was full of argute with lovely. All over the face collagen spoken parts in an opera, add a white tooth, I see still pity.

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Free from worry a happy fruit that takes off alive is in drama, wh whoever has the thing with disconsolate perhaps worry, look for her to chat, total meeting alleviates somewhat. 8 younger sister Jing admired at that time one everybody, direct the free from worry acting that looked 15 years old repeatedly, boast she is clever freely, be a harmonic agent. Outside the about show of adjacent home girl intelligent in, let a person must like really.

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7, Lin Xinru: ” Tian Shizhong thoroughfares ” Mo Yu left 1995 sow ” Tian Shizhong thoroughfares ” , it is a big play that the belle is like the cloud, gu Jingwen, Chen Yan hopes, Lin Xinru, act servant girl inside, but it is good that acting compares however.

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Of course, in this drama, still have a person that must carry, it is Lin Xinru. The jade of servant girl Chinese ink of Du Shiniang of Lin Xinru personate, even if is the part of servant girl, but superhigh Yan Zhi, very grab an eye.

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Eye makeup and lie silkworm, change very delicately, look the young lady that resembles a daughter of an eminent family. Lin Xinru at that time, had not depended on crape myrtle conflagration, acting also is greener acerbity, but because of colour value freeboard, make a person impressive so, complete unlike a common little servant girl. Because,also can be this part, let her gain the opportunity that more ancient costume makes fun of. Dilatancy the market of ancient costume play nowadays, princess young lady has the temperament of servant girl only more very much, be not former times comparing today, make a person regretful. Present floret the play road before can learning more, servant girl can show prize, just be true acting. Do you say?

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