Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: Forest cross careful newlier with new theatrical work of Tan Songyun, tan Songyun’s group is scolded however miserable ” call me chief inspector please ” it is combination of Yao Tingting, Yang Tongkun hold guide, forest the city affection teleplay of the main actor such as newer, Tan Songyun, Liu Chang, Su Xin, Wang Xiuzhu. This drama is adapted from red the homonymic network novel of 9 ” call me chief inspector please ” . This play will 2021 broadcast, because film the reason was brought about,just crossed careful 2022, ” call me chief inspector please ” hopeful is shown this year.

20220111080139 61dd396316773

Because show time,you may feel is by protracted, was the group that just brings about Tan Songyun so scolded? A bad shot, it is to a netizen expressed doubt actually, and still be in popular comment, may be a lot of netizens approbate this view netizen to oppugn: quite? Does ツ bright Zu of beautiful of Kang of  of patch up over sixty years of age hold is bandit of serve of Jia of formic Na of  Shu class to be able to bear or endure a bit oh is cherry?1, Tan Songyun already old really washed-up? 2, cannot perform ancient costume God completely? What invite her at least is ancient occasionally the play staff has not felt so, but true preparation all the time refus acts ancient occasionally, until often go thoroughly? Her group should bear bad name of through the ages really! And celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is professional career is not received completely more, the appearance with so lovely try in vain!

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But this netizen is not to rancor forest update, otherwise estimation is met by forest rancor newlier cry, well-known forest updating is ” the network turns over a black ” .

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