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Original title: List of bear the palm of white yulan magnolia is forecasted, although Tong Yao, Tan Songyun defeats You Rong, he is the biggest win the home The important matter that recreation encircles today, it is award of white yulan magnolia be seleted list announce, sth. worth seeing or reading is dye-in-the-wood. Be worth what carry is, be affusion of king, pot in discharge today, bai Yulan still is maintaining it of one be used to arrogant, put acting before discharge, solid belong to god-given.

20220111080118 61dd394e06b9c

Take ” 30 just ” citing, it was 2020 most one of igneous teleplay, river thin film is obviously for nothing female, but give fight on behalf of the play staff,of white yulan magnolia is Tong Yao however. Must say, as the actor, tong Yao is true try to make a good showing, the show considering fine 2 the part quality that exceeds one time, double bumper harvest of audience predestined relationship and public praise. She squeezes next play one time medium female advocate Jiang Shu shadow, become ” 30 just ” be nominated exclusively the actress of optimal heroine.

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Female nomination of 2 Tong Yao is optimal female advocate, female nomination of 3 Mao Xiaotong is optimal female match. And Jiang Shu shadow, disappear however into thin air. Again, the acting of the part is dependable platoon was in time before, made the face of how many person.

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Good, talk about subject. Saw complete nomination list, had probably in the heart guess. Always share 10 what optimal China teleplay is seleted, ” years drifting gold ” , ” 30 just ” , ” trident ” , fabaceous valve grading does not exceed 8 minutes, it is respectively 6.6, 6.8, 7.6, be in the first round have to be defeated below blast come.

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Remain, public praise is not poor, but differ somewhat on content. 8.2 minutes ” secret and great ” those who tell is the individual justice below period setting, have another fireworks is angry. 8.3 minutes ” hold a stage ” it is a contemporary theatrical work that has taste, told about the joys and sorrows of life that produces in life of the person that the arena that heads with sly straight is built.

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8.6 minutes ” together ” battle array blocking department is most formidable, recorded the real event during new coronal epidemic situation. 8.8 minutes ” green river of the duck that cross a state ” it is to mark day of the aid that fight the United States 70 years, 8.9 minutes ” great river great river 2 ” those who tell is reforming and opening, continued the first good public praise.

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On fabaceous valve grading 9 minutes have two, one is 9.3 minutes ” arousal time ” , one is 9.4 minutes ” hill sea affection ” , one compares more above. ” arousal time ” resemble this vivid teaching material, each puts the person that gets on book to me at the moment, have depth not only, have range more. And looked ” hill sea affection ” , I just know theatrical work of deficient assault fortified positions actually can so good-looking, that one pure dialect is cannot help doing sth letting a person more.

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The Bai Yulan this year, true it may be said is the immortal fights, of subject matter wide, of quality hard, enough lets drama confuse people proud. Regrettablly, pot has only, if let my choosing, I can be chosen ” arousal time ” , besides its excellent quality, still held water on July 23, 1921 because of the Chinese Communist, this year, it is my party holds water 100 years. I suggest each Chinese should see this play strongly, seeing us is the chains that how has an idea, how make concerted effort, the way that the graph of save the nation from extinction that walk up puts. The strength of character of ancestors, my generation 10 thousand cannot break.

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Say optimal director again. The name is single piece, ” years drifting gold ” and ” 30 just ” exit automatically go out. ” hill sea affection ” district local color is rich, the style is changed extremely strong, kong Sheng very be good at such realistic theme, structure, picture, gut, aesthetic, resist is masticatory.

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” great river great river 2 ” pretty good also, showed the special scene of that time, but compared with the master Kong Sheng still is slightly worse. Want in those days, li Xue is cameraman, be in for many times Kong Sheng hold photography and B group director are held the position of in the teleplay that guide, later, kong Sheng is to taking him one case more hold guided ” north is smooth without war ” , ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” . Be in early 2019, two people cooperate with respect to the partner, with ” great river great river ” took Bai Yulan optimal director. Nowadays, can carry a crossbeam alone, he Kongsheng encountering is in the optimal director list of award of white yulan magnolia, this itself is a kind of affirmation.

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My preference or fine long hair gave forthwith ” arousal time ” , directing Zhang Yongxin is not a qualifications and record of service is the deepest that, also not be a resume is the most good-looking, but the generation that his sureness patted arousal. Lu Xun gentleman comes on stage, common people is being grabbed go dipping in that one act of person blood steamed bread, my remain fresh in one’s memory. Still Lu Xun gentleman wields his writing brush writing, write ” maniac diary ” a paragraph that, absolutely and OK apotheosis. The most beautiful, it is Cai Yuanpei looks for Chen Duxiu the 3rd times, chen Duxiu already leave a seat vacant, outside the window pure white Bai Xue, and these two people are tacit, that is the romance that belongs to a bosom friend.

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Optimal male advocate competition is likewise intense. Huang Xuan is in ” hill sea affection ” the expression in can be encircled can nod, but the male costar that still is the group that be the same as was compared go down. Chen Jianbin’s acting is beyond question, but lacking in initiative and overcautious, did not bring too big surprise to the audience.

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Yu Hewei and yellow high are same, encountered good director, good play, good group, was to encounter a gang good actor more. The Chen Duxiu of Yu Hewei personate is very wonderful, but fine actor is too much, his ray was weakened instead. Many people like the Li Dazhao of piece of tung personate, “Zhang Tong was not seleted unusual ” was to develop hot search more. I must admit, in this drama, I like Li Dazhao, cross Chen Duxiu more.

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Finally, remain two candidate only: Beneficial of Wang Kai, Zhang Jia. Result clearly, wang Kai performs work Song Yunhui, dan Zhangjia beneficial is him Diao Dashun. Friendship reviews, yan Ni depends on his old partner ” the teenager is sent ” took the Bai Yulan optimal feminine lead 2020, and this optimal male advocate should be his.

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Optimal female advocate contend is very interesting.

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Ni Ni is in ” years drifting gold ” the performance in is very strong, with old show bone Chen Daoming is opposite show a bit is not confused, with acting the rain that send cropland had ineffable tacit agreement more. Ni Ni proved him through this play, but optimal heroine still has distance white yulan magnolia a paragraph of difference. Anyhow, nomination affirms namely, without doubt, ni Ni had become the person that the acting in 85 flowers aboves average, compared with other a few strong too much.

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Tan Songyun is these 5 candidate in, a the youngest. 90 she after, through old dormancy, eventually recumbent a ministry explodes paragraph, became daughter of hot a gleam of to star. Respecting girl feels, I take Tan Songyun only, 30 years old still can perform a high school student, and be without be violated and feel, also have her only. Who says baby face cannot be become heroine? The acting that sees Tan Songyun is much cleverer.

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Tong Yao is in ” 30 just ” the acting inside is Zhang Chi has really degree, into can attack retreat can defend. Saw acting especially the Tang Yifei in put together art the Gu Jia of edition, I just know Tong Yao deduce how god-given. Static consistent Wang Shui, be like marine deep greatly. At the outset, ” great river great river ” the Song Yunping in aided her to be taken Bai Yulan is optimal 2019 female match, nowadays, ” 30 just ” the Gu Jia in aids her nomination Bai Yulan again optimal heroine. Actor child preciouses jade to be all the time on the road.

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Yan Ni just was depended on 2020 ” the teenager is sent ” take Bai Yulan optimal heroine, this one secondary is to be taken again, that was to create the history really. Still be that word, nomination affirms namely, be nominated twice by Bai Yulan continuously, yan Ni’s acting, had not needed a pot to proved.

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The optimal heroine that millions of people fixes eyes upon, I can give Reyiza. Can say, reyiza completed transition by right of this part. She can be eventually before young actor, add ” acting is sent ” label. ” hill sea affection ” the Li Shui in is beautiful, do not have a person not to like, also do not feel distressed without the person, she is the delegate of the true, also be firm brave reincarnate. An eyes, 100 turn 1000 times, this optimal heroine, reyiza is worth while!

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The candidate of optimal male costar, look be like is 5 people, have two people only actually.

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Dong Zijian is in ” great river great river 2 ” the performance in, be in with Li Zefeng ” 30 just ” medium expression, can have jumped to be not carried, before these 3 elder, they have the share that is made by condole only. And Zhang Jia beneficial took optimal hero, want naturally optimal male the seat that apportion leaves other actress.

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That remains two only, be in ” arousal time ” in the Ma Shaohua of personate President Cai Yuanpei, and be in ” hill sea affection ” in the You Yongzhi that personate has father’s younger brother greatly. These two each has his strong point, divide almost the same hard, if must choose word from which, I can choose Ma Shaohua, his Cai Yuanpei is weak and elegant, skin and essence of life.

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The competition of optimal female costar is quite intense, ren Min, yellow Yao Dou is the person above average in Neozoic floret, mao Xiaotong’s acting is more lively and changeful, qin Hailu or consistent essence are accurate.

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But I love most, still be Liu Lin, on one hand, be ” parental love ” filter lens is too deep, on the other hand, the acting that is Liu Lin really too moving. She is these 5 female costar in the center, a show share is least that, but however most make a person unforgettable. Last her play, be be in with Li Dazhao arbor sit quietly, two people are letting his thought flow freely to did not come, can have carried a body on the back, each other the eye contains hot tear. Because they are clear, they do not wait to be installed to Guo Taimin, they are destined to be in this troubled times generation of make a stand against, arrive dead to also be done not have when the years that they dream is static good.

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Review this one Bai Yulan to be seleted list, heft massiness. Although final bear the palm person not much, but each nominator, enough and outstanding. ” hill sea affection ” it is the biggest win the home, have 8 nomination, ” arousal time ” after close therewith, have 7 nomination, it is in fortunately fortunately little a heroine. Next, be ” hold a stage ” , have 6 nomination, ” great river great river 2 ” have 5 nomination. ” 30 just ” and ” years drifting gold ” also have 4 nomination.

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No matter result how, we are OK and a bit more affirmatory, the quality of Chinese teleplay is better and better. Discharge and heat resemble tidal water, come quickly, go quickly also, what can stay truly is outstanding work and true performance.

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