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Original title: Red of dawn of Tong Yao wool by ” 30 just ” be seleted Bai Yulan, ren Min also nominates, river thin film is too awkward On May 21 early in the morning, award of white yulan magnolia of division of TV of the 27th Shanghai is seleted list to be made public formally also, from the point of the nomination that wins leading role of optimal men and women and supporting rule, the competition of award of this white yulan magnolia is very intense still, whole list causes netizen heat publicly to discuss immediately.

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In optimal heroine nomination, two people depend on Reyiza and Tong Yao respectively ” hill sea affection ” and ” 30 just ” be seleted, temperature of these two drama is very high, two actors also devoted his Gaoguang hour in drama, shaped stereo character image, also got naturally so the attention of more netizen.

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Will see nomination of optimal female costar again, mao Xiaotong is depended on ” 30 just ” obtain Bai Yulan optimal female match nomination, ” Qing Pingle ” in Zhao Hui’s soft Ren Min is seleted personate as much, connect ” 30 just ” ” broken bits male ” Li Zefeng also ascends the body is optimal the competition of male costar, but go out at the same time act ” 30 just ” and ” Qing Pingle ” of two drama female advocate Jiang Shu shadow however feeling of existence of it doesn’t matter.

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Oneself colleague in two drama has the nomination of award of white yulan magnolia, the circumstances of river thin film appears very awkward also, this also can’ts help letting a person want to ask, why did river thin film always need one step after all?

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Actually no matter be ” 30 just ” or ” Qing Pingle ” , the part disposition of personate of river thin film is very fresh, this also gave an actor more play spaces. Be in ” 30 just ” in, wang Manni this part actually more ground connection is angry, the elder sister of luxury inn ark that go all out is played in Shanghai as, let audience generation more easily take the place of to feel actually. Include later period to discover his by participate, especially the extract that Wang Manni and Liang Zhengxian part company, it is the tall smooth instant of this part completely, on whole character body invert the dot is very much, if acting is enough,give prize, obtain Bai Yulan by right of this part nomination should be unchallenged.

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But unluckily the acting of Jiang Shu shadow always was differred so at a heat, be in ” 30 just ” in be such, be in ” Qing Pingle ” in also be such, empress this part is really a lot of more nonexistent conflict, but she lets audience be convinced hard however, river thin film did not see through empress the kernel of this part and essence, the audience saw what twist individually only, formalist, figure of piteous Ma Li Su, this also is the reason that she fails to obtain an audience to approbate all the time.

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After Bai Yulan is seleted list to be announced formally, it is very normal also that river thin film can be discussed by everybody, although river thin film is of two drama but however on a list of names posted up anonymous, it seems that more explained to the actor, time not important, act in a play well, play gives prize just is the most important.

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The audience does not care or saying is not pay close attention to an actor so time, instead more care to seek theatrical work experience and whether arise with the actor in all affection, include ” years drifting gold ” also be same, liu Shishi is, but final nomination is optimal of heroine is Ni Ni.

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The actor is to rely on work and part conversation all the time, acting just is they and audience communicate the directest bridge, in recent years many actors time look againer and againer, this takes the branch for the root however instead, have more gut lines really, also can let an actor have larger play space, but plump gut line also must want an actor to be carried rise to just go, make fun of otherwise the portion is more, meet only more those who expose oneself is short board. Although award of white yulan magnolia is at present optimal,ultimate winner has not made public heroine and female costar, but everybody actually also can from award understand on nomination what is just the most important to the actor. After also hoping to nominate through award of white yulan magnolia, actor and group can be put down right time hold read aloud, how to set his mind at the heart performs good part just is the first. The article without accredit forbidden reprint the person that violate to need investigate!

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