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Original title: Close inspect 5 nets the 1st, visitting a station also is the 1st, mango stage is used ” survive ” change ” warm ” not deficient It is a year 520, accept red package? Respecting 520, must not carry last year 520 take the talk feeling theatrical work that allots a licence ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” , was being pressed still is a year to leave sow without period! And, mango stage is used ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” the drama helping deficient up that changes ” warm flavour ” , be in first 520 before sow, close inspect explode however canopy!

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” survive, give advice or comments more please ” unlike ” warm flavour ” inferior, be like this to leave those who sow is it viewing rate should be OK further upward! Regrettablly, fish and bear’s paw hold concurrently hard, be in to protect Wang Yibo mango stage position, mango stage is forced to abandon Xiao Zhan this top flowed!

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Nevertheless, with ” survive ” change ” warm ” , mango stage also does not have a deficit this. Although network person energy of life of Jin Dong is inferior to Xiao Zhan, but its carry drama ability still is very strong. As ” division suckles killer ” , jin Dong’s Sun Guangming is firm go up line, senile woman occupied a remote controller by force in, the viewing rate violent wind that lets mango stage directly rises province stage the first.

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Tell true, this drama besides Jin Dong, person of it doesn’t matter enrages an actor, can carry theatrical work also have Jin Dong only. “Sun Guangming go to the countryside is written down ” itself is a common rural old practice, material is not had flatly strange, do not have sale to be able to be done; But leave the first day when sow, it is to defend the viewing rate that inspect a station not only the first, shed media to also take below 5 networks the good achievement of the 1st; The ability carrying theatrical work of visible Jin Dong has many strong!

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Be in ” warm flavour ” before receiving a baton, mango stage broadcasts ” 8090 ” viewing rate is gloomy, cruel cloud data drops to 0.3% , the reciprocal in becoming this history of the 3rd v/LIT be utterly defeated! ” warm flavour ” leave after sowing, the cruel cloud data of mango broke up directly 2 times much, violent wind rises to 0.7% .

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The data after violent wind rises, in defend entirely inspect Taichun, his viewing rate is top. Visible, ” warm flavour ” it is the viewing rate that delivered Hunan stage really. With ” survive ” change ” warm ” , earned really!

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Do not know namely, after knowing to end pa sees so good viewing rate, can you regret to throw play? ” warm flavour ” the propagandist all of early days is in CCTV, face sow be changed suddenly however with it ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” , look center pa is iron the heart wants Li Tingxiao fight!

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Nevertheless, CCTV also won’t have a deficit, the person energy of life that is like battle survive after all is in that, will sow close inspect sure also won’t low!

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Actually, also had held out so, anyway mango stage also does not want to hold Xiao Zhan in both hands, the drama helping deficient up that CCTV wishs to use Jin Dong exchanges talk feeling drama of Xiao Zhan, each takes what he needs, also be method of make the best of both worlds. The article is achieved formerly by small recreation times, welcome to pay close attention to, take you to grow knowledge together!

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