Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: ” Boba Feite’s book ” release part placard the person appears on deformed Hutt

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” Boba Feite’s book ” hertz spy sea of faces signs up for dispatch of 1905 films net on January 11, the intermediary outside occupying reports, ” graceful Da Luo’s person ” derive drama ” Boba Feite’s book ” release part placard, in yellow sand of all over the sky, the part in drama appears in people at the moment.

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” Boba Feite’s book ” placard of tower Si Ken commando ” Boba Feite’s book ” story and the connection that having countless ties, initiated universe is epic the space that having countless to be able to develop imagination. In the story, give · of dagger performing Zhan to expend special son Boba Feite, in growing process, he became the most outstanding money reward hunter in the galaxy gradually.

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” Boba Feite’s book ” the placard that placard announces this, it is to be being shown it seems that a few outside the appearance of astral dweller. Among them most what everybody is familiar with is virulent to the outside Dasiken commando and appearance look the Hutt that resembling is slug person. Because go up,pursue in tower of desert heavenly body, these biology found distinctive existent way. Current, ” Boba Feite’s book ” in broadcasting in succession.

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