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Original title: High-key warm-up waits for CCTV 6 times this sow drama, ” drive shark is written down ” ” lens twin city ” regretful not amid 2022 the beginning of the year, a big good theatrical work comes over. Feel the eye looked to come nevertheless. The teleplay that heat sows one pile, picture ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” ” be defeated win ” ” surmount ” etc. Wait for sowed drama to had been on the road, be Li Yifeng Chen Yuqi above all ” lens twin city ” , was expected very long decide archives eventually 16 broadcast. And the teleplay of the suspense subject matter that noonday sunshine manufactures ” germinant ” also will broadcast at 11 days of evening. Favorite friends were not missed!

20220111084904 61dd448019109

And the drama of selected CCTV is beyond question, it is quality beautiful above all, it is public praise next excellent. No matter the drama of local stage closes,inspect so how, the drama of CCTV is forever before viewing rate the position of 3. And high-key warm-up waits for CCTV 6 times this sowed teleplay, have domestic theme among them, field having job kind, still have feeling of ancient costume talk kind, all sorts of subject matter have, always have an expectation that is you, but regretful is ” drive shark writes down be acquainted with Jun Chu ” ” lens twin city ” regretful however not amid.

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The first ” ideal house ” act the leading role by Pan Yueming, Wang Ou, Sun Jian, Liu Tianzun, seeing drama name think is domestic drama, but actually otherwise. With ” settle down ” the kind is similar, those who tell about is the joys and sorrows of life inside certain industry. ” ideal house ” the young manager Yang Guang that those who tell about is adornment company (Pan Yueming is acted the role of) and decorate stylist Chen Xi (Wang Ou is acted the role of) between because of working be mixed, the effort that passes them finally cleared industry chaos is resembled, two people also go, understood ” ideal house ” the meaning of backside.

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The 2nd ” very close to each other ” this is play of an espionage war, act the leading role by Wang Likun, Jin Dong, Wang Zhiwen, those who tell about is eve of victory of War of Resistance Against Japan, the land wind as orphan (Jin Dong is acted the role of) enter government of bark puppet regime to lie bottom, in carrying out a series of private job processes, it is with the sweetheart enemy, experienced the master’s treason, the family member’s die tragicly, the decision joins the Communist Party, cooperated a party to finish many jobs, for me the victory of the party was won first machine.

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The 3rd ” call me chief inspector please ” by forest the theatrical work of field of office of a city that newer, Tan Songyun acts the leading role. Forest drama of updated a city ” my queen that cut price ” Wu Jin character can say the partner is to close inspect ” attack street ” , got 3 minutes only finally. Do not know Song Yun of this partner Tan can break up red?

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” call me chief inspector please ” those who tell about is boss Liu Jiming (forest act the role of newlier) do not agree with subordinate peaceful Meng (Tan Songyun is acted the role of) can become ” gold investor ” , peaceful Meng for him proof, the decision leaves this company to plan an outlet additionally, in new company Ning Mengkai opened her ” female strong person ” road, liu Jiming also changes greatly to her, two people are on-the-job the interact in field engage in a battle, grow jointly hand in hand finally.

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The 4th ” the young a polite form of address for a young woman of butcher home ” the light comedy of ancient costume love that acts the leading role by fact of Zhang Hanyun, Tong Meng, according to tall person energy of life homonymic novel is adapted, the daughter Hu Jiao of butcher home (Zhang Hanyun is acted the role of) because parental life and cold Men Guizi make Qing Jia (Tong Meng fact is acted the role of) the knot manages to connect, in the day of Xu Qingjia be an official, hu Jiao accompanied her to also make a lot of contribution for the place, two people all the way float drift along is heavy, feeling is more sturdy.

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The 5th ” endless flow setting sun ” by piece the teleplay of the subject matter of history of a war that Ning of Lu Yi, Zhang Jun acts the leading role. Those who tell about is adapt according to the case of true name, during World War II, the plane without reason of allied forces by down, of information branch lie bottom fierce Mu Yilang (Zhang Lu is acted the role of) urgent the group that start goes investigating a plane to fall, become result escape from prison finally, protected a password this.

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the six ministries in feudal China ” even if flurry rises ” by Jin Dong, Song Jia, Tian Yu, poplar acts the leading role, the person a flock of doing poineering work that tell about established public relations company, in poineering process, tang Chen (Jin Dong is acted the role of) the secret that callosity of the cummer before discovering accidentally parts company, the cummer before mixing loves each other to be killed, found a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of behind the curtain finally. Two people also become reconciled, the company also is on the right path gradually.

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The new theatrical work of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of Li Yifeng celestial being with very high temperature ” lens twin city ” , hot cling to, Ren Jialun a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of another celestial being blows hard ” drive shark writes down be acquainted with Jun Chu ” do not have however selected, the likelihood does not represent these play bad, however these 6 are waited for sow drama to accord with thematic, the style that suits CCTV more! Which does everybody expect?

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