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Original title: ” the lofty ideal hero of flying tiger ” : Huang Zongze of Wei of seedling live abroad dissolves villain in drama to plot ” the lofty ideal hero of flying tiger ” the member receives government-owned Miao Qiaowei now yellow Zong Zegao can dissolve villain in drama to plot to manufacture jointly by actor cruel and Shao movie industry, badge of contest of Miao Qiaowei, Huang Zongze, Wu Zhuoxi, Zhang Zhaohui, Ma Dezhong, Chen Hao, Guo Jin An, bridge, Xiao Zhengnan! Below the assistance of international gumshoe, two Dai Feihu team member put down blueness in ill feeling, warm blood together, how will they defeat the culminating plot that divides negative character, all protect innocent all living creatures with the best will in the world, and even the life of themselves? Lock up please decide big tonight outcome! Ending near still be concerned about of climax happen frequently is heavy and unintelligible the drawing near of suspicion in one’s mind as big ending, the story of flying tiger team however even more complicated and confusing. Gao Zile (Wu Zhuoxi is acted the role of) in international gumshoe Xujun flies (Miao Qiaowei is acted the role of) below channel, decide finally or return alarm team, continue to be investigated jointly with S maniple. Self-condemned because of be being used by evil person accidentally unceasingly Cai Zhaopei (Xiao Zhengnan is acted the role of) final decision and police collaboration, check the crisis continues to diffuse in time. Across, borrow before this jump the Xu Sen that the sea is missing (Liang Jing badge is acted the role of) actually hides in barren island to continueing to study Babylonly, s maniple greets last battle eventually, lab conduit burst undergoes unexpectedly in the process! The hour of on the verge of death or destruction, zhang Jiaxuan (Huang Zongze is acted the role of) leave to protect someone else security, request a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment actively go closing valve. And how should he himself escape again barren island? Does escaped criminal Xu Sen and his injustice study will how by S maniple thoroughly terminative, try sb? Alternate of be concerned about is unripe, appetite of condole sufficient audience. Classical add is written still Huailaman abandons changeless and ecru affection hard receive an official to regard as ” flying tiger series ” the 3rd, ” the lofty ideal hero of flying tiger ” still maintained the making Gao Shui with this consistent series to allow, wait with fast rhythm, strong the plot of a play, true character a few big ” harbor drama characteristic ” in short the line of sight that calm audience locks up with respect to firmly in a few collect. And the gut that subsequently expect is less than raises the price of the commodities continuously: Sacrifice of accident of team leader of flying tiger group, two acting flying tigers reach linkage; Xu Sen 3 save Zhang Jiaxuan, decent with villain in drama between try to overtake each other in friendly emulation… be less than the last moment not to know ending is moved toward, high-energy inverting gut bright look sucks eyeball, make an audience big breathe out satisfy a craving, results one numerous reputably: “Gut, actor one whole love lives, harbor drama is full feelings! “, ” flying tiger theme is good light, pat me to be able to look all the time all the time! ” , ” are Huang Zongze and Wu Zhuoxi won’t old? Saw drama of so old harbor still feel this two people are very handsome! ” … the costly show battle array that father blueness answers, what light high is classical alarm bandit gut, “Flying tiger ” series still is harbor drama is confused people cannot replace in the heart make classically! ” the lofty ideal hero of flying tiger ” greet a member to receive an official tonight, the lock decided theater of actor cruel harbor at 18 o’clock! The international that this warm blood burns flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil alarm bandit big case be about to satisfactory end a case, invite your warm blood to be gone to together! [editor: ? Kuang province?

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