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Original title: ” surmount ” : 3 male advocate ending, zheng Kai new return to the fold, long narrow flag of Chen Jing course of study wakes up to reality like that! ” surmount ” it is You Ligeng hopes, the drama of athletics of a sports that Hu Jun, Sha Yi, Tu Songyan acts the leading role, this drama uses double spatio-temporal and narrative technique, the inheritance that told about spirit of Yo of two acting human body and carry on. Regard a tribute as drama, this drama quality is pass a barrier absolutely, plus the actor’s wonderful deduction, believe this to will explode as again money theatrical work, burn flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil this winter!

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Zheng Kai Xin Zhengkai is new it is a tough approach, in Wu Qinggong disentomb below, was on short way fast slippery road. Just began him not to want to join, but the intimidate lure by promise of gain by force of the mother, just not affection does not wish the ground added short line fast slippery team. In short way fast slippery team, his whole idea is not here, from time to time give Wu Qinggong stir up trouble, also did not take short course fast slippery should cross a mission. It is later below the infection of Wu Qinggong and teammate and drive, he is sent from the heart fell in love with short way fast slippery, and had feeling of sense of responsibility, mission, honorary feeling.

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Chen Jing course of study

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Chen Jing course of study belongs to effort player, before Zheng Kai did not come newly, he is slip in the team best, but Zheng Kai’s arrival, broke this one routine. On the choose of national group, zheng Kai is chosen newly went up, he was not chosen to go up however, this lets his psychological overbalance, had had brief loss. Later is to be on games more, considering the possibility that seizes gold, zheng Kai chose in the team new, because he is gifted, have erupt force, have the hope that seizes gold more.

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This lets Chen Jing course of study produce an error, feel endowment is more important than effort. So he looks on daughter body when be less than endowment, do not let her learned to skate, because he has said not to want to let a daughter, experience arrives the sort of cannot go up forever the flavor of field. But Chen Jing industry is bad after all, chen Mian is in after passing heavy affliction and setback, became the main force in the team finally, and stand on competition ground, took the honor that belongs to oneself. Chen Jing course of study also wakes up to reality at this moment, short way fast slip without shortcut, have assiduous training only.

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Li Guimin Li Guimin is Chen Mian’s coach, in the choose of national group, it is he took a fancy to Chen Mian, think she is a young plant, take away training so. Also help advance somebody’s career to fall with training wholeheartedly in his just about, it is difficult that Chen Mian overcame each, walked out of each predicament, final and ceaseless breakthrough ego, moved toward a success.

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