Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Model autograph makes an appointment with new boss to will restart since gold of Superjunior former member actor activity

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Jin Qifan of former member of Superjunior of dispatch of Sohu Han amusement signed company of entertainment agreement PA recently, will meet with the vermicelli made from bean starch that will hold this year in March can restart formally for start actor activity. PA entertainment company announces to sign the message that make an appointment with with Jin Qifan today, state Jin Qifan will hold vermicelli made from bean starch to meet in March this year meeting, the company will help acting cause of Jin Qifan with all one’s strength henceforth, hope broad vermicelli made from bean starch can continue to pay close attention to and support Jin Qifan. Jin Qifan passed KBS2TV teleplay 2005 ” round 2 ” the actor goes out, same year he still goes out as a singer of Superjunior, he still goes out in succession later acted ” tree big root is deep ” , ” I love Li Tai profit ” wait for work. Guo Mingdong / civil all rights reserved Mydaily prohibits reprinting

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