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Original title: “Sea king ” Jiesenmoma heats up search on the divorce: Reply filmgoer ” sea king 2 ” kill blueness, fair this year mirror “Sea king ” outstanding dark – search is heated up on Mo Ma, because he is mixed,oneself wife divorced. On January 13, “Sea king ” personate Zhe Jiesen – dispatch of platform of Mo Ma socialization, announce oneself and wife Li Sha – Bainaite has divorced! Outstanding dark – Mo Ma sees on TV in one’s childhood bigger than him Li Sha of 12 years old – Bainaite (Lisa Bonet) like deeply to go up she. 2004 outstanding dark – Mo Ma and Li Sha – Bainaite is acquainted, married 2017, begin from acquaintance, li Sha – Bainaite has been a single close mother, outstanding dark – Mo Ma is right Li Sha – be like,Bainaite’s child is inspected oneself piece, there also was the child of themselves later. Regrettablly, two people part company finally.

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What at present filmgoer cares very much is ” sea king 2 ” , according to before Jiesen Moma’s view, film kills blueness formally, will be in on December 16, 2022 North America is fair mirror. ” sea king 2 ” continue by Wen Ziren hold guide, wen Ziren states the style of continuation may be more earnest, will mix we now surroundings be closely bound up of the mankind, of course the Jing Song element that he loves most is little also not, can continue the horrible atmosphere of the first marine world.

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” sea king 2 ” regression acts Jiesen Moma sea king, amber Heard regression acts Mei to pull, patrick Wilson regression acts abstruse Mu king, xiehaiya Abodule – the regression that step man acts black bat Fen, prevent regression of Er of case of husband · dragon acts Xebel king Nie is soft this, regression of Chinese hackberrya of · of orchid path Er acts Dr. Shen, ” attitude ” cherub Indya Moore acts Karshon, zhao Jiani acts stingray, regan acts Yatelan king.

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