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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” receive an official, why does the predestined relationship occupy heat by force for a long time? On January 11, teleplay ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , as Lichun the peak is opposite Gang and peak of Zhi of king celestial being to give power definitely, next everybody will be greeted, the final big final result of this play. And the Zhang Reyun as the main actor, also be to be in that day, close ground writes down long article to express good faith, will leave with this Xu Feng year.

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Speak of ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” this teleplay, be in actually each are big on platform, basic and all the popular topic that is this drama. Had not left at the outset when sowing, a lot of people had expected this theatrical work, and open oneself sow since that day, in this paragraph of time that receives big final result nowadays, it is to occupy sheet of hot search a list of names posted up by force more, gut reachs a person, also be to blot out the sky and cover up the earth the ground is heated up to discuss by netizen collective. Even this drama ground always is broadcasted on the net rate, had broken through five. Must saying this drama it may be said was 2021 in, the network heats up drama of sowed a public praise.

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Calabash elder brother observes, ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” explode fire, also be inevitable result actually, this are homonymic before this novel IP, with respect to big on the network already heat, plus much character’s perforative comedic style, the major that tie-in later period publicizes is responsible, the heat that is this drama is sowed, do good matting and exploration ahead of schedule. The objective element of eliminate above does not say, of actor of one swarm familiar face appear and disappear, it is to advance gut more, the hotspot that lets this drama becomes much gradually as the story.

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Freeboard person of Zhang Reyun is angry, li Geng of again tie-in Hu Jun hopes, the one numerous power that still has Gao Weiguang Zhang Tianai is lifted, well-known actress gathers together acting of violent wind of occurrence each other, make an audience big breathe out satisfy a craving, be most willing to increases for this drama close to inspect or be clicked. Faithful vermicelli made from bean starch of the actor is chased after energetically hold in both hands, adscititious the IP that goes up to start a novel formerly suffers numerous, make this drama leaves oneself since sowing, creation favorable balance of trade receives inspected miracle high, it is early in everybody’s anticipation. This play thoroughly hot, besides master receive those who inspect a group to watch be fond of, and the rhythm that rises and fall free and easy, also can saying is assurance gain just arrives. More observe a net carefully to go up later exceed a word, not be eyes power exceeds Hu Jun big, be Xu Feng year why by assassinate? Not be Li Geng rare lowliness arrives terrible, it is Liang of Zhang Reyun north but Wei is in that one instant of popular feeling. Why is this drama topic ceaseless? Design the intention on to reflect in gut because of playwrite just about, it is each star leading role more when portraying a character can encircle can nod.

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Before be being written down for years, we open a TV set. In those days drama of knight-errant of Hong Kong and Taiwan, once kept graven childhood memory to us. From ” snow mountain flying fox ” to ” Lu Ding is written down ” , by ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” to ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” . Everybody has dream of a knight-errant in the heart, also be the Great Masters such as golden commonplace ancient dragon, exert one’s utmost effort is numerous a reader and the novel miracle that the audience creates. So ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” a new force suddenly rises, be sure to be knight-errant series drama again, earn time disappear old position.

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The concentration of knight-errant spirit is reflected, still can make the plot of a play with light comedy perforative, from nowadays ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , before arriving again ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” , be not valued in male frequency subject matter today, can clutch however network heat, must say the group that make is at first above the choice of subject matter, was to accomplish really provide alone a mind which perceives both past and future. In those days the fashionable of Xu Ke film, because exalt knight-errant feeling,be, reduce black unreal content painstakingly. And ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in this play, we also can see such design, the group that make also is in taletelling while, assure gut as far as possible film on, sufficient ground contact is angry.

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That one market of Guan Zhili is reached in Xu Feng Nianxue, when I think a lot of audiences are being watched, certain also and special advertent. The teleplay that ingenuities so, in the meticulous expression of special content, also be this play explodes one of igneous reasons. No matter be of this drama,choose scene ground, still be the design of place situation art, the stage property that the dress that perhaps acts the leading role and hand take, it is this play the arrangement of ample motive and sincerity.

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The window of this drama, also be be alluded time and again by person of a lot of professional film review. More or less the character is traitorous, cast off traditional knight-errant drama, to the set design of elder at sb’s beck and call. Let a person shine at the moment, keep deep memory thereby. Also be from psychology of character of Zhang Reyun fictile, we can find the flame in contemporary and young will of people, liver of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct justice bravery has the courage to think dare go all out, can create the position that attributes oneself after all. Also be the clou of this drama, the sublimate that is this drama made enough shop copy, reflected centrally ” of temple hall tall ” hind, still have ” of all corners of the country far ” clever and unified. No matter be the do with sb unconscious of humorous actor’s lines, still be the light comedy that the person gives prize, it is to be intention of contemporary and young audience to design. Recreational the Eight Diagrams is daily spit groove, attention calabash elder brother is not stray!

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