Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Is rich and powerful family wealthy too give hill to scoop up gold? Does Li Jing bud erupt? Does Gong Jun buy data? Does Tao Hong drop resource? Does Li Jing bud erupt?

20220113025308 61df94145a892

Wang Lihong of Li Jing bud ripped the melon that force to come again, the late night sends Li Jing bud again long article, the experience that sees the child comes home after responding to Wang Lihong to keep apart an end, still responded to the propaganda to the enemy at the front line of BY2 atelier at the same time. Long article sums up probably even if: 1. Wang Lihong borrows look a few new men are taken to want to enter her home forcedly for the child, still ask she puts out the monitoring in the home! Plum feel very fear, do not open the door, both sides confronts each other. 2. She did not receive the illicit letter of By2 atelier, hope they stop to phonate multifariously, what she says is a fact entirely, if police needs proof really she can cooperate with all one’s strength.

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Subsequently, by2 atelier basks in illicit letter to record screen to respond to Li Jing bud (collection screen is oppugned to be editing and rearrangement by the netizen, not be collection screen)

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Say decline just in the light of Wang Lihong, li Jing bud fell final ” diplomatic note ” response, it is probably: 1. She has call the police. 2. Emphasize understanding identity of Wang Lihong party, oppugn Wang Lihong to ask to involve the issue of monitoring again. 3. Express to be able to pass through judicatory, but the energy with the time with very long need and very much chemical fertilizer, have not enough time to protect her life security. 4. Want proof? If you do not mind me to be able to be put at any time. Does Gong Jun buy data?

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Does Tao Hong drop resource?

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Say fact of dream issueing Tong?

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Tong dream him fact all the time not cipher out circle, the part that shares a main actor is rare also your audience is impressive over- . Though he also can receive the byplay resource that person throughput makes, but it is OK to have under the counter also hero of drama of net of better small cost makes fun of pat, patting what play announce discharges daily also is compact very. Tong dream fact has before this participate in a main actor IP of energy of life of a person adapts ancient costume sweet notebook of the drama that bestow favor on a net, hero resource, piece just took issue license, enter platform gear to expected to sow. A play the around end last month in and month out just was patted, rest for some time to be able to take new play staff, his at present has leading role to make fun of to broadcasting in Yk platform, but temperature is not high. Daily big melon

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