Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: Wu Yanshu film ” the four seas ” show grandparent and grandchild to lie between a window to leave now fetching tear eye By Han Han hold guide, Liu Hao Ran, Liu Hao is put, the person such as Shen Teng, Yin Zheng acts the leading role, wu Yanshu is special a film that act ” the four seas ” will land line of countrywide each courtyard and audience to meet now. The film was told about be good at autocycle trick Wu Renyao of small town teenager and his friends enter the old practice that swings the four seas. Among them, the grandma that A of Wu Yanshu personate boasts. 20220201013102 61f88d569b017The grandma that A of Wu Yanshu personate boasts Be in before premonitory in, the grandma of Wu Yanshu personate and A Yao are lying between setting of car window valedictory a lot of netizens express ” nose became acerbity ” , grandma ” come home ” spoke outer lead a wandering life the boy far away from home’s aspirations. And the first autocycle of A Yao, also be the birthday present that the grandma gives him, family supports you to go to greater world namely, also welcome you to come home at any time. 20220201013103 61f88d5781ae9Wu Yanshu the four seas Wu Yanshu work of 84 years old is ceaseless this year, obtain an audience to approbate with the acting of high quality, before paragraph the film that time acts the leading role ” cross cold winter to embrace you ” more obtain again by right of true senile feeling sport reputably. No matter role size, in her heart, “Want to the director is willing to look for me to act only, I can act all the time go down ” . First day of the lunar year, walk into a cinema to look ” the four seas ” , the place of the heart is, the four seas meets. 20220201013104 61f88d5820caaStage photo of Wu Yanshu the four seas

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