Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Search god passes: After the VS before discharge makeup, building of the most beautiful Jia collect dare not admit, see without extremely day honour I became acerbity Talk about search god to send this theatrical work today, also was to go more than 10 years. The leading role in talk about drama today people the change of discharge makeup around.

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It is good cheer younger sister above all, believe the friend that has seen play is won’t unfamiliar, the Yanzhi of the Zhong Jiaxin in drama and acting are very pretty good, make a person unforgettable, especially that her actor’s lines is remembered by the audience all the time. She after discharge makeup still is so elegant and attractive.

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It is the Jia building that we see in drama then collect, decide glad personate why, modelling also is very Jing is colourful, the Hu Dingxin after discharge makeup basks in the fitness that gives his to illuminate, look very sunshine, psychosis is particularly good.

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It is Le Yi of Yao of the person that act next, also be bone of an old show, piece performed a lot of TVB theatrical work, the modelling in drama also is very beautiful, she after discharge makeup becomes very mature, looking also is element colour goddess.

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Do not have namely finally extremely the act person of day honour, the modelling in drama is very coxcombical, but actually her fine-looking was masked, she after discharge makeup Yan Zhi is very actually tall, special envy also is after seeing the life is illuminated.

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