Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Identified Ma Saichun, did not identify a Yang Zi however, in those days this drama is to lie really Hu Canglong Speak of teleplay, good-looking now the teleplay that has quality is exceedingly little, the teleplay that still is before more absorbing, not only acting is good, the play also is exceedingly wonderful, a lot of also became classical, this teleplay that we should say today is one the ministry is classical gigantic make, that is big gate of an old-style big house.

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Big gate of an old-style big house is You Siqin tall child, Chen Baoguo, Liu Peiqi, Jiang Wen beautiful, the main actor such as Du Yu dew. This drama told about hundred years old name of Chinese ” 100 careless hall ” of herbal medicine shop promote decline history and the favour kind and enmity of 3 acting people blames white seat of government of medical old and well-known family. And this teleplay besides well-known main actor, this teleplay still concealed a lot of present a lot of big shop signs to star.

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Above all what we should say is Ma Saichun, ma Saichun is now flow is little unripe, everybody knows Ma Saichun is Jiang Wen beautiful close niece, in this teleplay, ma Saichun joins the Bai Yuting that those who act is teenager period. And the Bai Yuting after year is You Jiangwen beautiful main actor, have lot very much.

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Still having is Yang Zi, yang Zi had been become dawn when red Xiaohua now. What she acts is a little girl that sells an apple, although show share is not much, but still vermicelli made from bean starch recognizes, the most interesting nevertheless is, in the home the You Hao of Little brother Yang Zi also is in the personate in having children like that the ginseng in this TV acts, what You Hao acts the role of personate like that is the Li Tian meaning of childhood moment. And the sells an apple little girl that the Li Tian meaning in manhood encountered Yang Zi personate on road of return to one’s native place however.

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