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Original title: ” between the world ” : Zhou Bingkun accidentally drop commits murder to be sentenced, zheng Juan is defended alone wait for him to be released from prison Teleplay ” between the world ” heating up in sowing, this drama related the story of Zhou Jiasan sibling.

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Zhou Bingyi of Home Zhou eldest brother answers national call in drama went Jiang Liaojian sets large unit, originally Home Zhou person plans to let Zhou Bingkun go go and work in the countryside and mountain areas, can be Chengdu of week of 2 elder sister however because by love turn sb’s head, oneself went to Guizhou country searching oneself love, grasping elder brother of grown the Later Zhou Dynasty accepts arrangement went timber mill.

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Zhou Bingkun knew the Tu Zhijiang that helps everywhere in the timber mill, but who knew Tu Zhijiang to kill a person, was sentenced capital punishment, before the timber mill arranges Zhou Bingkun, be watched at this moment, he also resigned from the timber mill later. Then he finds the Cai Xiaoguang that admires an elder sister in the heart all the time to help went to soy factory.

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After Zhou Bingkun reached soy plant, somebody tells him Tu Zhijiang still has a wife, hope he can help usually taking care of a dot. When Zhou Bingkun finds Zheng Juan, fall in love at first sight liked to go up he, through Zhou Bingkun’s pursuit, zheng Juan promised to be together with Zhou Bingkun, but Zhou Jiafu’s mother does not agree them to marry however, zhou Bingkun disregards parents to object, he Zhengjuan got a marriage certificate.

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When the day that becomes two people just is stabilized, the person that rapes Zheng Juan at the outset came back again, he wants to grab Zheng Nan of Zheng beautiful son with Zheng Juan raise advantageous position, but Zheng beautifuls special do not abandon, zhou Bingkun for this thing, go looking for his theory, it is when two people conflict, zhou Bingkun accidentally drop turned the person the building, cause death.

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Zhou Bingkun also was sentenced accordingly punishment. Zheng Juan can one person is taking the Zhou Bingkun such as the son to be released from prison. Expect follow-up and wonderful gut.

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