Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Either, this present ancient costume male advocate too beyond the mark also! In last few years, more and more caricature are adapted teleplay, from inchoate ” the bright moon when the Qin Dynasty ” , ” the undesirable person that draws all corners of the country ” , ” the street that press down fetch ” , ” fight broken canopy ” , ” choose day is written down ” to nowadays ” there was a Ling Jianshan once upon a time ” , ” fight Luo Daliu. Many audiences breathe out continuously the work that they like was patted sodden piece, among them most let what the audience approbates belong to ” the undesirable person that draws all corners of the country ” this drama. Again one is adapted by caricature recently come true the drama of person edition ” Hu He ” switch on the mobile phone, the caricature of this drama believes everybody is very familiar, it is the work that many netizens like very much.

20220201020554 61f8958213855

? This drama acts the leading role by conspicuous of Jiang Long, Zhang Ling, Wang Yuwen, although be actor of a few new personality, but fortunately these a few public praise still calculates pretty good, the most open to question place is male advocate pick part. This drama is double male advocate drama, jiang Long and Zhang Ling conspicuous are male advocate, but many netizens are dissatisfactory to Jiang Long’s appearance.

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Jiang Long’s stature is not tall, appearance is not distinctive also, although acting is pretty good, but performing art circle, only acting is insufficient, this also is the reason that he rises without fire all the time. Believe everybody is right also Jiang Long is very familiar, he ever went out act ” demon wind and cloud ” , ” dark black person ” , ” full-time ace ” , ” help up shake ” , ” Jun Jiuling ” and ” the Luoyang since wind ” wait for much department theatrical work, although be a few small parts, but also be special demand happy role, although do not have outstanding appearance, also still many audiences are encircled by him pink.

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The appearance of other appear with anther leading player of this drama is not distinctive also, the cast that can say this theatrical work is very common, nevertheless, often be the part that has an eye least of all, most can Jing colourful audience. [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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