Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” the strategy that delay happiness ” the 5 great beauty in drama male, in the life one is rich 2 generation, one is a foreigner

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The teleplay that special fire should have seen before believing everybody extends happiness strategy, after department theatrical work broadcasts, this achieved very high viewing rate not only, fire of a lot of actors in also letting drama rise, small today make up 5 Apollo in giving everybody introduction theatrical work. The first is the Xu Kai of the person that act of the Fu Heng in drama, must say to grow very handsomely really.

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Examine of the 2nd good friend Hai Lan that is Fu Heng, the person that act is the crown ease that comes from Malaysia, very may much person hears this name, the feeling is not very familiar, what because be in before him,recreation encircles is famous spending is not very tall. Until piece performed this archives program of put together art, let him become the person of widely known.

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The 3rd is the Hong Yao of the person that act that is day of the great in drama, very may much person does not know, also go out before him actually performed drama of a lot of nets and teleplay, did not let his fire rise, until give the person that performed this drama to let him become widely known. He what must say real life is medium grows very handsomely really, what after also believing him, can develop is more and more successful.

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The 4th is the Wang Maolei of the person that act that the Yuan Chun in drama looks at, he can say is bone of an old show, everybody brought a lot of classic work before, a lot of people say he and He Gui’s long special likeness. Although he nowadays already many years old 40, but maintain first-rately, the boy that looks to resemble many years old 20 is same.

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The act person of this one little brother Fu Qian that is Fu Heng defends Yan Kan finally, very may much person hears this name to feel is not very familiar, because he is actor of a new personality, allegedly he still is rich 2 generation. Although part of a villain in drama is in drama, but the acting that people also saw he is masterly, actually in actual life grows very handsomely.

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