Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Most the camera lens wearing a band of Ga, the actor drinks a milk I was borne, old Jon this tongue is too beautiful!

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1. this is share of Lu Zhi’s deep a paragraph of show, a lot of people feel curious, why on Lu Zhi deep body tattoo the skin, some places had been spent, actually this is not true tattoo the skin, just tattoo the skin one-timely just, had blurred in the process that the actor acts in a play so, wear a band not carefully so, be enough Lei Ren really.

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2. this what grandma is what drink maly? It seems this teleplay is a latter-day teleplay, but unapt also what this bull kept for covering suckles appear? The young associate of prop group also too do laughed, bought this bull kept for covering to suckle actually!

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3. still has a few little detail is about actor’s lines, when taking this picture namely, the day has been black, can be an actor saying actor’s lines is however: “The day is about immediately black ” . Also knowing is an actor won’t flexible, still be the director lets so say, anyhow is very fathomless. The knowledge that says to want to enrich oneself more as the director so and film technology, ability takes good work.

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This kiss of favour of 4. goddess Chen Qiao and Wang Kai, let together of person thoughts or recollections flashing across one’s mind really. The attention looks, tongue of old tall favour is extended came! Is this is fokelore medium enter sport too deep?

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5.Belle the appearance with one nifty and lovely face, seeming to be locked up also is very be indifferent to. The iron baluster that sees trap when the audience knew, the interval of two pole has a beauty almost two build are so big, this can freely back and forth apparently! Which afraid still meeting is controlled

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Such 6. picture the first impression is beautiful leg, zhang La heart, the head is the feeling of the leg completely below. Be a such little thing is what only must so big touch war? Is the hand helped up can how? It is the discovery that loses infirmly only, this high-heeled shoes does not have heel.

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