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Original title: He just is ” Shaolin Temple ” Yuan Dingnan advocate, pat half Li Lianjie to take sb’s place, be at ease hard up to now Believe everybody is right Li Lianjie won’t unfamiliar, his personate spends the part of a lot of thorough popular feeling, after a lot of foreigners were seeing his movie, begin to liked to go up Chinese wushu. He also is the star that amount to can not enter Hollywood more, there also are a lot of vermicelli made from bean starches in abroad, actor road of Li Lianjie is from ” Shaolin Temple ” begin, of that film sow also let Li Lianjie fire all over great river north and south,

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” Shaolin Temple ” this film experienced a lot of twists and turns and story when make, also was to spend a lot of difficulty, ability can let everybody see so classic work, does nevertheless everybody know? Most begin ” Shaolin Temple ” the actor is not Li Lianjie, director most those who begin a choice is Wu Gang, his itself is met at that time a few wushu, and what the appearance also grows is lofty and handsome. What discover when film movement of a few acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance finishs Wu Gang nevertheless is not very good, look at some inflexible, and at that time film in the winter, a lot of pictures will be so more ambiguous.

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Had filmed at that time nevertheless half, cost a lot of funds, and the director wants not to film afresh in the consideration, perhaps say so illegible end, what still become aware finally is new film, so this director recommended a director to the company Zhang Xin is phlogistic. New director decision searchs ace to act the leading role from wushu school this film, the member that this ability lets Li Lianjie begin to perform this road.

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Also was to filming ” Shaolin Temple ” later, li Lianjie just had the opportunity of amaze the people with a single brilliant feat, became everybody’s hep kongfu giant star, and although that former main actor says to also join those who performed a few other movies to film, fail however nevertheless fire rises, there also was oneself meal cause now, those who had lived is very good. Although say,be ” Shaolin Temple ” accomplished Li Lianjie, but from on the other hand for Li Lianjie also was accomplished ” Shaolin Temple ” . Young associate people, what view do you have?

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