Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Lin Zhiling’s father thanks environment care to expect grandson becomes the person that has contribution 20220201024337 61f89e5995bdbLin Zhiling and husband Sina recreation dispatch on January 31 the New Year’s Eve, lin Zhiling basks in 3 pull a hand to become Mom according to Guan Xuan, from picture judgement, lin Zhiling’s couple greets a son, and its agent also confirmed those who be born is a son, natural labor is arrogant year of darling. And the detail that produces about Lin Zhiling, agent keeps mysterious, respond to only simply: “Thank everybody’s care! Detail is not done more share, elder sister, elder sister’s husband longed to come eventually the arrival of cherub, hope and everybody share joyance. ” stage intermediary tries to call him Lin Zhiling, but she was not received listen, guess her busy move takes care of a new student, hurry-scurry. Additional, lin Zhiling did not look after children temporarily the plan that returns Taiwan, lin Zhiling’s father hopes the daughter notices the body more. In the meantime, father Lin Fannan of Lin Zhiling accepts a visit, acknowledgment outside is right the blessing of annals Ling, period the person that makes grandson can become pair of societies to have contribution. Lin Fannan expresses, during epidemic situation, annals Ling can bring atmosphere of society of good news alleviation, allow authority the mood is more relaxed, this is meddlesome, also express to thank everybody at the same time so be very fond of a daughter, let him be touched quite.

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