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Original title: Why to let a woman perform Xu Xian in those days? Old hind, zhao Yazhi speaks an account Believe everybody is right ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” this TV was familiar with very much, can saying is very classical, otherwise later also won’t somebody breaks up pat, zhao Yazhi still should be in everybody’s heart again nevertheless this version is some more good-looking, ring every time when the bout such as chiliad, we can cannot help answering the clue in remembering teleplay.

20220201025058 61f8a01235ab6

And broadcast in TV old later, becoming everybody to hear Xu Xian is a girl actually when acting, very open-eyed, there is a doubt all the time in the heart of a lot of people, why does that want a woman to act at that time namely. Did not get official answer all the time to this problem, its account was spoken when before passing, before long Zhao Yazhi is entering first gear program.

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Zhao Yazhi expresses: Looking ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” when, believe everybody to Xu Xian this part should be to love to be hated again again, the sense that gives authority in drama is gentle, have bookishness mannerly very much, but when facing risk very cowardly, did not serve as, the thing that encounters a few difficulty is recreant and flurried, take errant definite view. Do not believe Bai Suzhen when the foment dissension that faces law sea, when the wife that sees oneself becomes white snake, still was frightened to defeat bravery.

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so a part believes to rarely male star dare go out act, possible after the success by labelled, in personate when other part, also meet those who let an audience cannot refrain from think of Xu Xian’s figure. Resemble be in ” love apartment ” Ceng Xiaoxian is same, no matter be to perform what role, meet those who let a person cannot refrain from to remember the about of that cheap cheap, and Chen He also is the effort that passes for a long time, just begin to allow change of this kind of phenomenon.

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So at that time the need according to gut, also plant to avoid this the happening of the circumstance, ability can choose Xie Tong to undertake turning over stringing together acting, also be one big innovation. Went so for long, ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” the memory that also became us, and the actor in drama is in age, regard our hope of vermicelli made from bean starch as them can healthy. Young associate people, do you know those who act to Xu Xian is a woman at that time?

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