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Original title: This life has you: Sun Zhijun just checked bit of stuff, get offline with respect to traffic accident? The Tan Jing of lose, desire get to the bottom of Of Sun Zhijun abrupt getting offline is the gut development phase that the audience did not think of, because of him in those days, just check a dot to concern at in those days the stuff of its real situation comes, indescribable gave traffic accident, it is suspicion letting a person really —

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Because touch,he is to the core interest of a few people be done! (and that ” a few people ” mix Pi is far cannot take off a relation! )

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But the process of this line is advanced is by Sun Zhijun a person is being advanced completely, the what clue that he found, progress has him himself to know only to which one pace, probably this ability is the result that he wants, because that thing had gone so old, he is willing oneself a person is borne all, also do not wish again the relation with the bad what on peace talks static drag in!

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But he, never think of however: Oneself can desertion because of this actually can continue find out those who go down is exclusive life.

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The message that when Sun Zhijun disaster of dispatch a vehicle dies is transmitted, as if in inner world of Tan Jing was short of an important family kind sad, lose — once, sun Zhijun is when her life is the most helpless, assisted her!

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To repay and stem from inner gratitude, the child sex that Tan Jing lets him be born grandson, for burning incense of Home Sun continuance! Such act, let the Sun Zhijun in those days times feeling is gratified it is to appreciate even.

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“Well how did the person leave suddenly? ” Tan Jing’s bottom of the heart by cram of this one word: She feels of Sun Zhijun do not have to death so simple!

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After holding concise funeral hurriedly, tan Jing looks for Cheng Fangting, also was informed from inside his mouth is to fill always gave Sun Zhijun a few search in those days its clew, let him track down by following clues ransacks the motivation that go down! This ability led to the situation that Sun Zhijun leaves early nowadays!

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Presumably, because,also be such, tan Jing generated a suspicion to real purpose of Cheng Fangting: He is opposite it seems that Pi is far understand very much, to Nie Dongyuan very animosity!

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Next, should be Tan Jing also participate in into to coming in the process that the thing investigates in those days, although had begun to have at the moment with all possible means forces is stared at went up Pi is far this 1000 sore the camel of 100 aperture!

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How much grossly unjust business did the associate with with far Pi do after all? The fact of how many thing to hide again? Did the cause and effect that produces from this affect how much innocent Everyman? Take over Nie Yucheng nowadays the Pi in the hand is far, meet again forward what kind of direction is advancing. . . . . . !

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Author individual: 32 collect return distance big ending remnant 4 collect, presumably afore-mentioned problem can be announced very quickly. Wang Xiao is in [this life has you] medium part gives a time not very much, give deductive dripping to all be sent the middleaged man of an abjection, heavy ties of friendship however, think his except weighs affection that kind to have justice, day won’t process now so. But if changed? Then he is Sun Zhijun no longer!

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So, everybody what does this one horn have to evaluate to the Sun Zhijun of king brave personate?

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