Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: The scene is comedic ” winter abstruse family ” heat sows He Xinchun to accompany you to explode had laughed at good year

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The 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day of congratulate of good theatrical work, warm China year, close the hour of a reunion, large scene is comedic ” winter abstruse family ” mobile demon of Mi cluck video, China 100 in be being sowed with exclusive heat, the text with full capabilities, the gut that joke frequency sends, lovely and interesting character, for the tiger year the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day offers great gift of a joy!

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This drama is Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee teleplay of concessionary scene comedy, key of total bureau of wide report of selected already state, heavy general election is inscribed, by Liu Peiqi, Chen Jia male, Xiao Tianren, Liu Yu is contained, the main actor such as Qin Chuan of Gao Xiaopan, Zhang Lei, Feng, Ran Qian, Jiang Dian, Cui Erkang, the sea specially invite of one day, Wu Yufang acts the leading role, basically told about before Beijing Olympic Winter Games came 2022, beijing moustache begins ice and snow to move with happy family, in all the encourage annals story that round Olympic Games dreams.

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This drama behaves theme of campaign of ice and snow with the artistic form of scene comedy, in the daily conte that in each ground connection enrages, the relevant topic that spirit of ably embedded Olympic Games, ice and snow moves, contain teachs Yu Le, break an audience to be opposite the inflexible impression of work of sports subject matter, can be in thereby contemporaneous winter shows itself in drama of movie and TV of abstruse subject matter. In addition, happy and harmonious with Tangjile through developing 3 generation the story pursueing a dream of big family, this drama promoted Chinese tradition the bosom of domestic national condition in culture, idea kissing affection, with affection moving, around be built about topic of close affection, friendship, love and beautiful domestic atmosphere, although love each other to kill small attrition ceaseless, the care support between the family, help each other placatory, your audience touchs enough. Scene comedy wants to cause audience resonance, the most crucial is a character model. ” winter abstruse family ” modelled each lovely the domestic member that has little weakness each again, showed those who reveal times drive is familial group picture. Grandfather Cheng Yifan is right fast have deep love for slipperily hair from the bottom of one’s heart, although always be ” chiliad second ” , however still the heart does not change first, for fast slippery good young plant, namely oneself grandchildren Cheng fruit is fostered into Olympic Games champion ” rack one’s brains in scheming ” , father grandson joy matchs powers, laugh at a dot ceaseless. The young daughter Cheng Feng in the home tries ceaselessly on direct seeding poineering road, jump over defeat to jump over brave, joke 100, discover eventually, direct seeding of ice and snow just is true love. Husband and wife of cornstalk Cheng result scatters beautiful conjugal love dog food is become daily, second child it is the sea puts in elite ‘s charge on field of Cheng dragon duty, joy useless bavin is on the life. Father and son of neighbour barbecue inn is the ace of make impromptu comic gestures and remarks more, come on the stage bring infinite mirth to the audience. Individual character the figure figure that bright, happy event feels full, jin Goupin goes out do laugh at actor’s lines, the ice and snow of Home Laocheng chases after dream story to enter a climax gradually, mobile demon of video of Suo Dingmi cluck, China 100 and, joy chases after drama the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day 7 days happy. This drama is mixed by the Aotai in Beijing industry of Hua Jian movie of limited company of culture medium limited company, culture of Beijing Hua Jianxin intermediary, Heibei limited company manufactures, company of cluck of Chinese mobile Mi makes jointly. As 5G bell of exclusive video colour cooperates, the thematic song of drama anthology is synchronous already also go up bell of colour of line China mobile video. (reprint this article to pass more information, if tort asks connection to delete)

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