Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: Once disrelished her ugly, grown nowadays chase a dog, metabolic can of Mo Xiaobei is compared ” face-lifting ” ! Believe a lot of friends had looked ” pass outside Wu Lin ” this teleplay, this teleplay lets a person look so that find both funny and annoying at that time, this also is the classical teleplay in mental view of a lot of people. Can have seen so classical teleplay rarely nowadays, so a lot of netizens ask strongly to pat ” pass outside Wu Lin ” continuation, nevertheless also the netizen thinks, because this teleplay does not have continuation,just can become just about classical.

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Although be passed outside Wu Lin,did not leave nevertheless pat continuation, but before before long also bone of a few little joke breaks up this teleplay is passed outside patting Guo Wulin, although be a few children go,act, but acting special however lifelike, the star that encircles than a few recreation even even better. Besides, netizens also pay close attention to very much all the time ” pass outside Wu Lin ” the actor among this teleplay. And ” pass outside Wu Lin ” the Tong shopkeeper in the center and Bai Zhantang had very big change, guo Furong also is to become more intellectual more, and Li Da mouth and Lv Xiucai seemed to fade out of recreation to encircle however.

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And there still is Mo Xiaobei among this teleplay, her change just is the biggest among them. Because Mo Xiaobei is at that time in this drama,be an uglier child, although be in teleplay,be not violated and, but if in actual life, with Mo Xiaobei such appearance encircles play road to also can be compared in recreation narrow. Still the netizen speaks at that time, is Mo Xiaobei brought up to you can be married so do not go out?

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But did not think of Mo Xiaobei already female now big 18 change, a small fairy once became unexpectedly after she of ugly bud ugly bud is grown nowadays it seems that. When wanting to know to give Xiaobei performing the first month at that time, her skin is blacker, however she present looks however the skin fair-skinneds in vain, the figure is carried high, this change simply too big.

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What what wants to say do you have to this? Do you feel what kind of Mo Xiaobei is the most good-looking?

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