Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: It is to perform the princess in ancient costume drama likewise, finally this princess, be to come of be there just to make up the number? Everybody to the princess in ancient costume drama, like very much? After all besides Yan Zhigao, temperament also is very good, and the disposition disposition of every princess is different. Everybody has the princess that he likes in the heart, also having a few nevertheless is really, accomplished origianl work pink to be fed up with, the audience is becoming aware hot eye, compare with the princess of the others, became be there just to make up the number completely to come.

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Does inapproachable county of Wang Yan make do not know everybody has looked? In this drama of her personate coagulate sweet, it is the princess of driftage folk, and day dragon prince just is a holiday. Prince or yellow Xiao Ming go out those who act, the Xiaoming acting at that time is very good still. The main actor person in this drama is set very perfect really, and the Yan Zhi of she and Su Youpeng, also be very suit ah, gut is compact also have theatrical work, cost of main actor colour is very high also, this drama is very popular still at that time.

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Settle on wrong bridal sedan chair, like prosperous to make the same score a princess very much? Diao Man does not denounce person be disgusted with again however egoistically, grow beautifully atmosphere, temperament also is good really. This ability is to suffer bestow favor on a princess this some about, although have a place capricious, but very won’t beyond the mark, resemble making fun of quite the person of emperor’s son-in-law, though be archery,come dally, can be arrowhead really candle does, this paragraph of play also is the about that all shows sly pretty princess.

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Had a lot of people looked big fellow the emperor? Still remember Chen Zi casing to have in drama piece perform the princess that make the same score this world? Because this part knows her,also be, becoming aware really at that time the princess that make the same score this world beautiful, have heroic spirit again, still have the softness of daughter home. The acting that Chen Zi cases is very good all the time also, the change in every heart of will smooth this world deductive is very perfect, yan Zhi is very tall also, the appearance when draw weeps, also be the United States is breathtaking, it is regrettablly not fire ah, also be to let a person wanted to be illogical really.

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It is to perform a princess, light looks this is mixed finally above a few stage photo, know difference has how big. The age personate that closes Xiao Tong actually sly pretty princess, metropolis very circle pink, be not those who received not to suit his however regrettablly. It is modelling or person no matter set, do not suit her at all. She also is maintained did not rise, finally also can by group ridicule, became the joke of a long time, see the model in her drama now namely, also let a person cold-shoulder.

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