Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: This is a hero not good-looking, heroine, male costar, the conscience theatrical work with servant girl nice guard Do not know everybody looks ” the wife of a prince of white hair emperor ” ah, this novel can be the youth of a lot of person, the cruel heart gut inside, do not know to earn sufficient the tear of how many person, this drama films teleplay broadcasted now, estimate those who come to a lot of people are strong origianl work. Party of a lot of origianl work saw play, feel the character is not that appearance in the imagination, hard to avoid will be a bit so disappointed, we are objective today for say this theatrical work after all good.

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Say a person above all, also be the point that a lot of people say groove, that is hero face too long, be spat in a lot of people now really because,groove is not quite accord with ancient costume figure extortionary still perform the United States male. For instance before ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” the hero of Zhao Youting personate, a lot of people say his actual strength to persuade to retreat, but the person that sees play downward can feel Zhao Youting this is face-lifting type acting. Did not think of to jump over in the future to look to have charm more.

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Say figure model can affect impressions so, but what everybody values truly still is acting, it is good to want acting only, still can make everybody acting feel into fact of the real situation. Besides the hero of Li Zhiting personate, the costar in drama still is to hold out those who raise a key point, the heroine that Zhang Xue greets personate is clever and bright, outside and lovely, still hold out accord with. All guard servant girl is beautiful handsome, beautiful beauty. Especially the heavy fish of bright yellow personate, can be hit to turn over battle, be spat by so much person before groovy dead date, can be the identity that proves him school is spent this.

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Besides figure figure, still having is the setting composition of a picture in drama, gu Xianggu is lubricious, each act is like is a picture, hope present teleplay is bit more such feeling, choose cut plan less. Hope everybody is sensible finally see play, not abuse this abuse that, be also the court love a beans that gives oneself black either?

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