Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: Be born to be abandoned by father, sheet kisses domesticity 18 years, identify a father to be contention belongings only into dragon today In recreational group, becoming dragon is the big star of be worthy of, come for years dozen go all out, let him become global big star, it is especially in Hollywood, also gained very pretty good success, before all one’s life achievement award, can show everything. Go up in the life nevertheless, become the amour between dragon and Wu Qili in those days, a mighty uproar was caused inside the circle, be born in daughter Wu Zhuolin especially hind, will becoming dragon was to push where the wind and the waves are highest.

20220201030259 61f8a2e32a216

To preserve oneself family, so old Lai Chenglong is cruel-hearted all the time Wu Zhuolin close the door on, it is actually in a lot of interviews, also look reach, have impracticable place really into dragon, but to the child, the be indifferent to sth that comes for years, still caused not little harm to Wu Zhuolin. Wu Zhuolin from the life story that is born to be destined to have rough the earth, because ” small Long Nv ” the identity, the every act that allows her makes the central point that everybody pays close attention to. Was born 1999, this year already 20 years old, wu Zhuolin is 18 17 years years old, wu Zhuolin is in some socialization platform, uploaded photograph of a piece of single person, write ” In Case No One Got The Memo, I ‘ M Gay ” , just delete again later, but heavy hair attach the expression of rainbow, indicate oneself position.

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Especially mom Wu Qili is in after be being abandoned, all the time since the mood does not calculate stability, also do not quite well to the child’s education, the life that gives Wu Zhuolin cheats a shadow, be in before, wu Zhuolin calls the police the thing that pays a parent, it is a bit appalling indeed, also showed the concern between two mother and daughter, be troubled by is to compare deadlocked. Andi runs suddenly to the comment below Zhang date of Wu Zhuolin, the father that asks Wu Zhuolin goes looking for his becomes dragon, say Wu Zhuolin should be not called all the time ” bastard female ” , she should look for a surname that belongs to her, andi still hopes Wuzhuo forest recapture belongs to her award, do not be afraid that lose face wants to do a good person.

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Wu Zhuolin, wu Qili and those who become dragon is bastard female, used into dragon before New Year more: I made the fault that the world man can make, terminative this finds close way. This from the girl that is born to fall in spotlight with respect to exposure, live in popular adjudgement all the time, the mother treats her was not to give dote on completely, and what father responds to forever is chill only. Live because of making a living nowadays short of money, be passed to contradiction does not say with the wife, wu Zhuolin changed think of a way suddenly also, want to look for Hui Chenglong afresh this father.

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