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Original title: Shanghai of Dai Jun croon year video of flavour variations Sohu ” direct seeding accompanies you to spend good year ” year flavour violent wind rises

20220201032403 61f8a7d33d207

On January 31, good year the New Year’s Eve, by a definite date Sohu video of 3 days ” direct seeding accompanies you to spend good year ” series direct seeding enters a climax, from arrived early at 9 o’clock before dawn 0:30, nearly 20 direct seeding undertake according to foreword. Singer Dai Jun carries the Yang Mei, Xu Jianzhen, comedic star such as Li Junwu, the scholastic expert such as small Xu of Bao Kun, Xu Hongjun, Zhao Wei, skin, the industry such as Yue of poisonous eye, Wang Saiyu, moustache fine jade, Chang Xiaohang amounts to a person, the senior media person such as Zuo , Cao Yaqi, Lu Yan, Guo Jian, and Sohu autograph arranges actor, those who comprise starlight Yi Yi sow advocate battle array, video of Sohu of assume personal command, direct seeding accompanies you to spend good year. Recreation of Sohu of @ of news of Sohu of @ of sports of Sohu of @ of education of Sohu of @ of baby of mother of Sohu of Sohu video @ sowed the Zhang date such as the newspaper to participate in the direct seeding grand banquet that day. Sohu darling respectfullies present Shanghai of sing opera arias of beautiful Dai Jun of child of the strongest bud year flavour variations ” direct seeding accompanies you to spend good year ” the direct seeding of day of the New Year’s Eve is prelusive, by ” concert of Sohu darling the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day ” open, concert, solo, vocal, dancing, musical instrument, yellow plum play, wonderful confused is shown, darling people musical talent, your netizen exclaim, call its year child of the strongest bud is beautiful. Concert by famous little Zhao Lifei makes the master of ceremonies, he thinks, music can foster darling to discover the United States, “The United States makes children realise the pattern that shows outside the world not only, more important is life of immanent quality show. ” between today’s star direct seeding still the surprise is ceaseless. Body part built 1934 ” the Broadway edifice ” , roam in ” cordate telosma ” , ” lunar circle has been spent ” , ” skyline song female ” in melody, music of gold of old Shanghai of chant of Dai Jun light tone, wu Nong flexible language, fine 10 thousand countries build the beach outside narrating group, recall year of flavour story of old Shanghai, the atmosphere instant of night of the New Year’s Eve is ignited.

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He tells a netizen, beijing, Shanghai, Jinan such city, can let person lay a finger on arrive the history, “The name that the bridge crosses in vain outside very irony, those who point to is the bridge that only the foreigner can cross. ” ” Einstein, edison has lived Pu Jiang restaurant. ” ” peaceful restaurant has two buildings, one in one on the west, also hiding the story of ethical capitalist and foreign capitalist argue. ” night scene of the beach outside edge appreciation, edge narrate, the edge talks about year of dish, the edge sings, dai Jun’s direct seeding resembles a Shanghai year flavour variations, bring back netizen instant acting 1920 Shanghai street. Netizens call this archives direct seeding the program ” have content, have accent! ” ” tradition model it is international model. ” manufacture by Sohu video ” comedic and open wheat ” , also suffer this invite participate in ” direct seeding accompanies you to spend good year ” . Shop of garlic of Xi’an the Tang Dynasty advocate the person of comedy of north and south such as arbutus of line of Lei Lian of manage person Zhang Xiao, Xu Jianzhen, Li Junwu, share each district year common amorous feelings. Xu Jianzhen introduces, “Dalian folk compares popularity to stick colour, wait for the lever of genealogical, perpendicular lantern, lamp that put the of great capacity distinctive year of common. ” Li Junwu says, “The night of the New Year’s Eve of Changsha country, the home should burn maple Dou in domestic burner, this cries ‘ year money man ‘ . ” risible Yang Mei says, “Of first day of the lunar year mix in the morning midday, person of our appropriate guest must come a bowl light a face, the implied meaning long, good fortune as one wishes. ” between direct seeding of sports of Sohu of @ of be a guest, speak of from Vietnam of women football changeover, day-to-day comment on holiday match, share the guideline that watch game. He says, african cup enters 1/4 final, who can enter Gambia, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Tunisia below one round, wait and see what happens. Contest of world cup preelection also will leave dozen, china can go much further in 12 strong competition, affect compatriots mood. In addition, have NBA routine more contest, on the west armour, De Jia, Ying Chao, your millions of people is fixed eyes upon. “This year is to exceed much stronger aspect, the first echelon formation is for certain ” floodgate bridge ” , and ” miraculous stupid child ” , ” the four seas ” sell twice this the look is good, very strong. ” film rich advocate poisonous eye suffers invite forecast end of archives of 2022 Spring Festivals, she thinks, “In Ma Li and fried dough twist add hold below, ” this killer is not quite sober ” hopeful becomes a dark horse. Zhang Yi seeks father daughter together hold those who guide ” sharp-shooter ” also be worth to expect. ” add with what exceed strong film in fast the price of a ticket hold below, booking office general again refresh is the strongest Spring Festival archives. And the booking office of TOP3 is occupied compare or exceed 80% . She still says, “The movies of Spring Festival grade this year is very crowded, press experience analysis, a few ministry film can carry file or withdraw file very likely. ” physical bound ” animal of 4 great minds ” appear celebrate a festival between direct seeding see direct seeding go up knowledge gets welfare ” bag adult plays science ” in 11 Shi Liang photographs, kangnaier is physico-chemical between living broadcast of video of Sohu of assume personal command of doctoral Bao Kun, explain 4 classic physics theory. “The tortoise of Zhi Nuo is spatio-temporal double long can shrink the ground is become inch, bright examine highway pushs Laplace animal perform everythings on earth, maxwell bewitching is held accuse yin and yang of changeover of everythings on earth, xue Dinge’s cat can make the universe surmount life and death. ” he says, “Yi Xie of Yizheng of animal of this 4 great minds, it brings a worry to clever scientist already, the mankind that also becomes a spirit to intentional evolution points to clear path. The mankind that also becomes a spirit to intentional evolution points to clear path..

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(Bao Kun points out the space is cannot infinite intersected) skin of dermatologist of hospital of Beijing University people Dr. Xiaoxu shares Spring Festival skin to save oneself guideline. He says, should have done only avoid excessive cleanness, pay attention to filling water to protect it is wet, good to do prevent bask in save sensitive skin with respect to can light legibility. He says, “Whelk is ill, must look for the dermatologist that relies on chart. ” he returns a proposal, spring Festival food notices nutrition is balanced more, much draft fruit is vegetable, conduce to use up adipose. Doesn’t contradiction of wife and mother have solution really? Wang Saiyu of division of famous marriage rehabilitate gives out in direct seeding proposal, “Because you are wife and mother,not be, so difficult get along. However because of thought, behavior not conform to, just get along so bad. ” get along with husband’s father and mother, should maintain ” a bowl of soup ” distance. This bowl of soup arrives from the end in him home in home of husband’s father and mother, parents, shang Hai is tepid. She says, “Maintain respective life space, occasionally state of mind also can have a change. ” this topic brings netizen heat to discuss, “Want marital situation business to be nodded high only, contradicted without what wife and mother. ” ” independent life is fine medicine after marriage. ” energy of life of the person between direct seeding is climbed all the way tall. The tall hair that Spring Festival holiday also is network bilk period, deputy detachment of punishment detect total fleet grows Beijing public security bureau between direct seeding of science and technology of Sohu of @ of be a guest of Ms. Zhao Wei, airline ticket of the holiday that uncover secret, kill a hog dish, make friendly, investment, pretend to be the network bilk such as public security organs to cover a region. She sheds tone to make an example with epidemic situation, “We are not to pay close attention to all enrollment in the round all operations on user mobile phone, judge what experience cheat from which. We are conversely. ” she also reminds a netizen, “In old people is not cheated more easily certainly, often be recreant be afraid of getting into trouble only, do not think children is picky, do not want to increase chaos to the society, just wore the path of cheater. ” in addition, the number amounts to person Chang Xiaohang to also be shared how to use simple method, church parents uses a smartphone. Buy a mobile phone to parents, chang Xiaohang reminds a netizen ” remember sticking the film that shield an eye, do not move screen too bright. ” the worker of a gleam of in attention beadhouse ” does direct seeding accompany you to spend good year ” how does the old people of beadhouse of the person that does greeting struggle pass the Spring Festival? Sohu news makes even line body prosperous in Henan 95 hind beadhouse dean Fan Jinlin, pay close attention to the daily life of beadhouse and Spring Festival story. This also is this second ” the person that greeting struggles ” the grand opera of direct seeding. In camera lens, answer a word model three-layer building, clean and bright, decorate with lanterns and streamers, full desk snacks and volume open sufficient big TV, old people is surrounded sit one case, claver the daily life of a family. Young dean is taken slightly bashful, guide netizen cloud to visit beadhouse, answer everybody’s query at the same time, “Can be room of old people allocation according to the many sided such as disposition, hobby, demand. Distinguish on general orientation break can old person and healthy old person, undertake specific classification again, the old people that lets have collective topic is together. ” ” it is good that I and grandma get along particularly, itself feels very close also to old people group, not repellent. Not repellent..

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(Sohu news connects a line 95 hind beadhouse dean Fan Jinlin) in addition, between direct seeding of brigade of article of @ fox any of several hot spice plants, be in personally the general manager of travel of article of fox any of several hot spice plants of small town of Qingdao A Duo is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad fine jade Yue, taking a netizen to walk into civilian family, spend the New Year’s Eve in all, visit rural area wild cross good year what to have different. She thinks, village tough life lets travel make a kind of fashionable living not only, more because this is had deep love for,let ” make recursive countryside wild, xiang Ye lives ” become a kind of culture to go after, real experience ” how this heart is in is my countryside ” humanitarian feelings. ” night of I and my the New Year’s Eve ” Sohu autograph makes an appointment with actor southeast northwest to accompany you to cross what good year regards this second direct seeding as the activity to press an axis make, 20 when leave sow ” night of I and my the New Year’s Eve ” , last to 0:30 all the time, by Sohu the autograph arranges actor of sunshine of Wei Ran, Liu Gu Xi, benefit, Yuan Ziming, Zhang Guansen, Sun Jiaqi, Sun Xi, Liu Shuai, Liu Fengqiao, , divide fun of flavour of die at the age of. Wei Ran shares the Spring Festival to wear build, he says, “Bright red color very intractability, need matchs with white, black. Gules and tie-in black, it is all-purpose collocation. It is to have arrangement, 2 meetings appear not so peripheral. My individual prefers orange, very show temperament very show white. If element of many bits of China, can appear already traditional vogue. ” necessary dish tastes Spring Festival of check of Liu Gu Xi, she has liked oily pork most, “Of tenderloin soft tender, the alcohol of mature vinegar is sweet, on meal of the eve of the lunar New Year of our Taiyuan person indispensable blindly. On meal of the eve of the lunar New Year of our Taiyuan person indispensable blindly..

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(Sohu autograph makes an appointment with actor Weiran to appear ” night of I and my the New Year’s Eve ” ) the one benefit sunshine that the individual spends the New Year in Beijing ” converse ” operation, between direct seeding in the grain that scatter a dog, speak single public figure can eat potato only piece, teach a netizen to learn snack to eat dog food to drink loiter meal grabs red bag. 00 hind the childhood memory that Yuan Ziming recalls him, game and move free, indispensable, besides what love to play most ” every day cruel runs ” and ” the date that surpass Er ” , ” the person that fire is borne ” the hot-blooded spirit in is very incentive his grow. Was in last year drama of ancient costume black unreal ” my pet little put sb on the spot ” in have on of the Sun Xi that beautiful behaves, also be late topic of netizen check Hu Nianchun between direct seeding. Double star combination sees Liu Shuai and Liu Fengqiao, 2 people chat even line free north and south to spend the New Year folk-custom food has difference. They mention the most apparent difference to spend off year namely, north is in the twelfth month of the lunar year 23, south is in the twelfth month of the lunar year 24, although consuetudinary it is kitchen of hold a memorial ceremony for, sweep dirt. Night of the New Year’s Eve wants stay up late or all night on New Year’s Eve, but the view is differ, north calls stay up late or all night on New Year’s Eve, south makes surround furnace. Northerner of first day of the lunar year should eat dumpling, exquisite new old acquaintance is replaced, more year old hand in child. Southern should eat stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup of New Year cake, exquisite and annual rise, the family reunions. Zhang Yan easy also connects line Zhang Mengru, free talks about northwest, northeast to spend the New Year to fight greatly. Careless Zhang Guansen of 10 strong school accompanies a netizen to recollect those years spring late music. ” move rise ” go all out in work spirit, ” dragon fist ” reveal an ethical sense of pride, ” congratulation you get rich ” lively and active, make him impressive. He returns extemporaneous sing opera arias ” blue and white porcelain ” , ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” , ” where does time go ” , bring so that the netizen nods assist to applaud. 10 strong school spend player Sun Jiaqi, be in in recent years ” blame is black namely white ” , ” the classmaster that I became him ” bright look is behaved in waiting for Sohu to abstain drama, she is shared ” the Spring Festival raises Yan Bi Ji ” , remind seldom makeup girl, “Wanting to make up to do 5-10 in the evening before today minute right-and-left massage, again film of apply depth filling surface, sleep early as far as possible next, such, go up the following day makeup the effect can have been compared, stick quite. ” hold to ” value direct seeding ” concept Sohu video makes cloud of content of high quality direct seeding spend the New Year continuously, watch Sohu living broadcast. Regard the strong archives direct seeding of Sohu video as IP, hold two years continuously ” direct seeding accompanies you to spend good year ” , already made file of Spring Festival of compatriots phenomenon class ” direct seeding regale ” , social echo is good. This year more than 40 direct seeding of open, outside dividing epidemic prevention, health, still have the topic such as brigade of science, finance and economics, affection, recreation, vogue, sports, cate, Mu Ying, article, sex of interest of be in harmony, knowledge sex, commonweal sex at an organic whole, satisfy everybody’s all-around information and intellectual requirement. As the progress of direct seeding technology, media form produced tremendous change, sohu brings into direct seeding video media, with media of graph article information together, those who become Sohu media platform is outspread. In addition, arrive from beautiful field take money, direct seeding plays a way also is pattern 100, sohu video promotes concept of value direct seeding continuously, become the carrier that science and technology, knowledge, information delivers, let an audience obtain recreational pleasure not only, still can harvest skill of knowledge, promotion, obtain value. Current, the expert direct seeding of Sohu video is sowed advocate already amounted to thousands of person, involve each professional fields, cover the square respect range that the people lives. In ” direct seeding accompanies you to spend good year ” wait for program of direct seeding of much archives IP drive below, sohu video will deepen value ceaselessly, with stabler and high grade content output, lead platform of value direct seeding development, drive zoology of Chinese direct seeding to be changed to more multivariate, character, the way that can last develops.

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