Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: ” this killer is not quite sober ” public praise explodes canopy: Wei Xiang, Ma Li pumps king flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil again The Spring Festival this year is big competition is very intense, through ” the immortal fights ” later what keep comes down is very outstanding work, from open to booking booking office to look to be in expected. Interesting is ” the four seas ” and ” this killer is not quite sober ” these two films, in collaboration of happy fried dough twist old Ma Li and Shen Tengru part company today, became a competitor. Wei Xiang is in of one mind throws a medium part in performing a career, explain in effort ” killer blocks Er ” part while, a few crises pass him ” involuntary ” broken solution is dropped, what gut designs is not quits, let an audience become the person that Wei Xiang casts off the testimony of the crisis.

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Spring Festival archives explodes laugh at comedic film ” this killer is not quite sober ” told about false killer to encounter really old man, the story that 4 Fu Youti laugh all are not a series of crises that spark. The film ” this killer is not quite sober ” continuance before the style brings more joy for everybody, the film ” this killer is not quite sober ” release ” good dream comes true ” edition is premonitory, wei Chenggong (Wei Xiang is acted the role of) be informed invite oneself to go out act male advocate the film exists far from, know perfectly well him be fraud however resolutely hold to a trick to act. Look from this angle, male advocate the image that needs simple and honest simple minded really, and hero Wei Xiang special accord with this one feature, let us very easily era is entered so feeling, appear to this part and play maintain trustful sense.

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Ma Li and Wei Xiang laugh at artisan as actual strength comedy, cooperative much ministry is classical work tacit understanding is dye-in-the-wood, also bring countless joy for the audience at the same time. Happy fried dough twist this group is home’s most powerful comedic day group undoubtedly, blossom in the round in essay, modern drama and film domain, after Shen Teng left happy fried dough twist, wei Xiang became Shen Teng’s successor. Happy fried dough twist rolled out the Spring Festival 2022 ” this killer is not quite sober ” Zhong Weixiang became hero, heroine still is Ma Li, this fried dough twist lets Ma Li play the leading role alone however, archives of decisive battle Spring Festival, dare such fight hand to hand, fried dough twist of it serves to show is self-confident to what make.

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The film ” this killer is not quite sober ” the story that is less than through expect spreads out, wei Xiang’s vivid and interesting show moved countless audiences, joke is dye-in-the-wood! And this mark can be reached in Spring Festival archives, for a comedy, estimation is the Wang Zhe of draw large audiences of appropriate appropriate, so overall for, dispute often is worth a film that expect. This Spring Festival should take friend kin to experience this happy days surely, preparation goes the cinema is experienced!

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