Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: ” germinant ” why can you be defeated in ending? ” germinant ” ending sodden end ” germinant ” 2022 begin is become explode money drama anthology, be as high as 8 minutes in fabaceous valve grading up to now, in the process that sees play, netizens breathe out continuously too above, but a lot of people feel outcome is not quite good, a bit brash. So germinant why can you be defeated in ending? Germinant ending sodden end? Below small make up bring the introduction.

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Germinant why can be defeated in ending because,basically be ending wantonly apply colours to a drawing of everybody reconcile, take care of the CP of hero of audience knock men and women, provide the picture that can pursue for cut, the sense of reality that lets this drama and simple sense drop unexpectedly. Because its are too good, harmonious, clear up a lot of before show the character difficult position that give, weakened the actuality of drama, fall into stirred set pattern.

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The audience feels still have final result is bad for the most part, because,be before already ground of think oneself clever ” forecast ” finish bureau, feeling should be ” double loop ” , be ” dream ” , they are early in the heart had decided outcome, then you see the final result that final write a play gives out, of course with respect to 100 dissatisfactory, do not be in namely flatter oneself ” the world is sober ” , little imagine playwrite is in all the time for this ending matting, if explain the loop just is the biggest Bug forcibly, for example second loop bus does not have penult explosion, died only a person, the result still is continueing circularly, remove for matting namely the method with only loop, it is everybody gets saving atone for, husband and wife two get the fact, someone else can come down alive, such circular ability end. Germinant ending sodden end sodden end does not calculate on, the anticipation with likelihood and tall audience the effect is different. Above all, in us the big environment of strict examine and verify falls, explain forcibly why can circulate, no more than gives out ” dream, novel, take sport ” such reason, then I aux would rather do not want this explanation, have too feel lost make fun of feeling. Next, “Female advocate it is clear to can explain with the driver earlier obviously, why to want protracted time ” ” male advocate what is the reason that via circulating for many times the body is damaged ” pat drama to want to do a few so not reasonable processing of course for considerable sex, not too care about. Because have really,model dot of sense of urgency, tear. Police officer Zhang bears down on again Jiang Bian, xiaoxiao is blood all over the face awake, have really be gone to by stamp.

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Say final result is too satisfactory again, those who show is truthless, but what does that have again bad? Each person on fair car, it is the difficult position that common person has each each, early days already fictile is very true and full, give everybody the final result that cannot get forever in reality probably finally, it is gratified, be period make, it is the life very bitter really, I still believe future is possible. Such ending can transmit power euqally. Why didn’t bud bud get off, I am such understanding, that moment is uncomfortable only feel to bear bear went, did not think of to become aggravated, that wretched male it is certainly it used what underhand method again on board is more beyond the mark even to used what underhand method again on board, just cause bud bud anxious get off. What to happen to also was not explained after all on that car, my individual is to feel to do not have necessary, too disgusting, I see that solely one paragraph small feels asphyxial and disgusting. Why didn’t bud bud tell driver coloured the wolf, why to cry for help etc, I feel to want really good-tempered treat, because not be every girl is in,encounter this kind of problem to if where manages,be known, resemble sweeping black the Xu Ying in child, not should she is she did not use the weak better solve method to put in a root ‘s charge to go up at victim body with respect to the fall victim her.

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