Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: Piece act ” ugly female inapproachable ” modelling of the chamfer that be spat is too ugly, disappear old, had left forever so The 90 a lot of friends after should have looked ” ugly female inapproachable ” this teleplay, actually the 90 student timeses after also are done not have now computer game of so much, the mobile phone also is done not have now so much function, what chased after drama to become us at that time so is daily, do not know everybody is fond of do not like to see idol play, at the outset ” ugly female inapproachable ” this drama but very of fire, although the actor in drama is very much,be new personality, but give us the 90 audiences after however left very deep impression, after this drama receives an official, the actor with a lot of mediumer drama stays in perform art circle to continue to develop, but the actual strength that although depending on his,has some of person is OK and bright red big violet, but destiny embarrass person, age gently with respect to sicken forever departure.

20220201034119 61f8abdf90263

Say the other actresses in drama above all, what should say most above all is female advocate Li Xin you, she sacrifices for this drama very big, still feel female at that time advocate inside long teleplay that appearance, but actually her appearance appearance is very good-looking, she returns personate to cross goddess in the moon, the goddess in the moon that everybody has seen her personate knows she has many beautiful.

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There still is a person to be worth to be carried in drama, it is Wang Kai, present Wang Kai can say bright red big violet, partner introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song goes performed not little teleplay, a tough guy is pictographic the male god in letting him make frame of mind of a lot of schoolgirls, but at the outset he is in ” ugly female inapproachable ” in of personate is sissy, who has the male mind in can thinking of he today’s had become a lot of popular feeling at that time.

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The clean of leading role king that should say today namely finally sunlights, of her personate is hero before cummer, although camera lens is not much, but the makeup look issue that may be at that time, also be spat by everybody so groovy modelling is too ugly, but compare with leading role photograph, ugly without leading role still, directing a likelihood is to highlight the name of this drama, so of leading role dressing up is ugly really, the development prospect of original Wang Jiexi is quite good also, but in she is 26 years old when got leukaemia, forever departure we.

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