Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Of the 3 big summit summits that count Zhao Liying make, ” Chu Qiao is passed ” on a list of names posted up, is there what you like? Chinese teleplay is very much, the teleplay that star pats is more numberless as the sand, it is some did not broadcast only, perhaps do not have fire, of the job see teleplay always feel special Shu Xin, do not know young associate people have this kind of feeling, of the summit of 3 big summits that shares several Zhao Li Ying to everybody today make, ” Chu Qiao is passed ” on a list of names posted up, is there what you like?

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1, ” Liu Zhen legend ” can live Zhao Li begins fire to rise from this drama namely, go out in her nevertheless after performing this theatrical work, she also got very big dispute. This drama has reputably difference is judged, from the point of gut, this is to hold out pretty good cruel to love a story. The emotional line between content of characters in a play is free and easy really rise and fall, the part of Zhao Liying personate rises step by step from the small lady-in-waiting of a lowliness become advanced female official, be in love into Di Gaozhan with fierce, can saying is very fierce.

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2, ” Chu Qiao is passed ” this drama believes what I need not say more, this drama presented a different Zhao Liying to everybody, in a few teleplay before, zhao Liying’s part is type of small white hare. But this drama is different, ” Chu Qiao is passed ” Zhao Liying is tough and courageous and resolute, soft bowel of bone of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, it is part of a hero, can saying is a bigger breakthrough!

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3, ” the legend that chase after a fish ” this drama is Zhao Liying’s inchoate teleplay, and this teleplay can say is a drama with Zhao Liying Mai Meng maximum number. In red damask silk of essence of carp of personate of the Zhao Liying in drama one horn, that lively and argute about, be congenial very, be history go up most a version of bud, do not know you to had looked?

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