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Original title: ” does love come home ” does Xiong Shangshan play person ghost to love? The man by TVB playlet conflagration, two people there is no lack of to make fun of intimately The article edits drama to show a company: Red heart dawn is built without accredit forbidden reprint, the person that discovery borroweds will undertake entire network complains TVB place drama ” love comes home ” the time that had accompanied an audience a few years, broadcast up to now on 1000 collect, still obtain what drama confuses to sing the praises, presumably besides with everybody heart that medium feelings is concerned besides, gut itself also is to have certain appeal, otherwise everybody abandons theatrical work early with respect to the choice.

20220201034212 61f8ac1492122

Recently, ” love comes home ” in the member that greet new guest play the role of again, he goes up recently namely new personality Xu Junhao, perhaps a lot of audiences feel the name that speaks of him some are unfamiliar, but have,had seen playlet ” those who fall in love with me decline god ” vermicelli made from bean starch should be very clear, xu Junhao is heroine of miserable destiny only then the person that make tomb figure.

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His villain in drama in the personate in drama, although the surface is an artist, but the heart has some of twist, allergy however, look be like the face that grew one Zhang Mo social effects of pollution, killed the life of many young girl however, pardonable netizen is right part hate sb’s guts of Xu Junhao.

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Although be new personality actor, but Xu Junhao’s acting is beyond question however, because,perhaps be ” fall in love with me decline god ” medium part won an audience approbate, so he got high-level appreciation very quickly, besides in ” law card pioneer 5 ” in have many show shares besides, be in this ” love comes home ” in also have gues-star an opportunity inaccessibly.

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Actually the illusion comes out his part in drama, can not exist with hypostatic form, ghosts and goblins however, as most as its adversary play actor is name of Teng Li of female star of TVB actual strength.

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Well-known, in ” love comes home ” in, the Xiong Shangshan of Teng Li renown personate and the wet Wei of personate of Yuan Wen Jie are a pair, their emotional all along is pretty good, but be told in newest gut,is some of unpleasantness between them, and the Xiong Shangshan that plays gregarious software more be suspected by the man off the rails, little imagine is a big Wu Long only.

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Xiong Shangshan to can write a novel quietly, she begins to undertake creating in the hotel, can be imperceptible in her creation comes out a fictitious part calls A Meng, throw in the world of the novel every time, xiong Shangshan encounters with respect to meeting and A Meng, because this two people can spread out a paragraph of conte.

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The Xu Junhao that cooperates with Teng Li name first actually very happy, he very feel happy it is OK to have such opportunity forward generation steals division, from him the makeup look in drama discovers not hard, redness of skin is without on the face not only, connect a lip ghastly also, look very the figure that accords with ghosts. Rebuke Shang Shan dispute often is afraid of a person of ghost originally, if she knows A after fierce true identity, believe regular meeting derives more brilliant old practices.

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And the Xu Junhao in drama also has close hug show share with Teng Li name, look to yield a picture more only beautiful, xu Junhao also was to spend many idea, teng Li master is elder, also gave Xu Junhao many opinions, two people also are in adjusted process brush a many scintilla.

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The vermicelli made from bean starch of name of familiar Teng Li is certain very clear, she is entered harvested an audience all right for years countless reputably, acting also does not lose one numerous n/COL the head of a family female role, but how does not obtain high-level force to hold in both hands, delicacy is rare carry centrally in drama the opportunity of heroine, although also reaped many reward,go up in prize-giving ceremony, but in audience eye from beginning to end half red not black.

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More those who let popular feeling ache is, the emotional logic that Teng Li name comes to for years also very not suitable, besides with ” broken bits male ” Wei Jun outstanding love long-distance running is old besides, affection decides Guo Zhenghong later, also suffer the deceit of the other side.

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Show level although she was married the husband outside the circle, but it is reported is in two people love at the beginning of, her husband also is the cummer that has a stability, fortunately nevertheless final man chose Teng Li name sturdily, they just had show perfect nowadays marriage, future hopes they two husband and wife also can continue to go down happily, stroll hand in hand life journey.

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