Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Net Gong Jun exposing to the sun, Yuan puts beautiful collaboration new theatrical work on the ice, view clear subject matter, netizen: Explode the paragraph is booked Gong Jun and Yuan ice beautiful are the actor with hot instantly, go out up to now, they are mixed twice by right of distinctive appearance masterly acting, not only capture large quantities of one vermicelli made from bean starch, and Gong Jun ginseng acts ” I want against the wind to go ” with Yuan Bing beautiful ginseng acts ” bend city Yi Qinghuan ” two work, be call-overed by CCTV reputably, two people actual strength is different from this shows general.

20220201034237 61f8ac2d32a41

Well-known, gong Jun is depended on ” the land of country makes ” in Wen Ke goes one horn gives a group successfully, resource of all sorts of movie and TV following sb’s heels later and come, there is his figure in numerous and outstanding work, be like ” sleep deeply garden ” , ” hello! Flame is blue ” the echo after waiting for work to broadcast is pretty good. And Yuan Bing beautifuls similar actual strength not common, enter the work that performed many win universal praise, in ” old 9 ” , ” night ” , ” coloured glaze ” wait for concentration of a lot of and popular drama, wonderful performance obtains the masses to be approbated consistently.

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Must admit, yuan ice beautiful and Gong Jun two people are very outstanding, the net sends the message that Yuan Bing beautifuls and two people will receive Gong Jun to cooperate recently, the instant makes many audiences suffer fully expect. Net Gong Jun exposing to the sun, Yuan puts new theatrical work of beautiful general collaboration on the ice ” be short of a month ” , view clear subject matter, netizen: Explode the paragraph is booked.

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This drama adapts the person from Chinese parasol to enrage a novel ” the phoenix tree that be short of a month ” , very tall person energy of life is had on the network, origianl work pink is quite much, be big male advocate drama. Basically told about autumn water of Wang Tianyi, a surname, Ding Yu to exhibit, the person such as annulus of Tang Bo, green jade is in in charging the way that swings all corners of the country, all the way the story of be apt to of punish evil raise. Of just road enter in swinging, but the process is not quite successful however, encounter all sorts of assassination all the way, have even be hit by what serpent circumvent chases a school, fortunately nevertheless green jade annulus is in all the time his left and right sides assists company to wear. After passing a series of cross, final Wang Tianyi grows after be national master, put in concealed all corners of the country and green jade annulus ‘s charge to go up too happy and happy life.

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Be worth what carry is ” be short of a month ” have a state already cardinal principles of righteousness, have children personal relationship again, chase after the knight-errant element that hold in both hands plus instantly by the masses, having again ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” the matting that waits for congener subject matter, most propbably of superhigh person energy of life can add a lot of interesting hotspots to the audience.

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This Gong Jun will be in drama personate male advocate Wang Tianyi, it is conspicuous, figure raises an appearance high and the master guest of justice of humor humour, cherish. This part models a gender to the part for extremely strong Gong Jun, do not have pressure not only, and familiar sense is quite deep still, before this his Ceng Duo second personate is similar part, no matter be to see the Wen Ke that is like careful of cynical actually idea go, still be a hero the Yuan Che isogon with wind dye-in-the-wood model is lubricious, deductive incisively and vividly, suffer the masses to love quite. Nowadays acting it may be said of Gong Jun is training must send maturity more, plus the appearance of Jun Lang of Gong Jun Qingxiu, come by him personate this role is again proper did not pass. Expect his wonderful performance in drama.

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And Yuan Bing beautifuls to be in drama personate daughter advocate green jade annulus, it is an appearance melting, simple goodness and the girl with powerful heart. This part is put on the ice to Yuan it may be said is instinctive quality goes out for beautiful act, and acting is online also. She ever shaped many your people’s impressive screen part, from lovely and beautiful girl, to exquisite and exquisitely carved, open-minded Mo Shan hill, arrive again the look of isogon of Zhu Xuan Ji with dowdy muddled, have deductive lifelike, obtain the masses reputably ceaseless. If this secondary is two people collaboration, most propbably can cause a the whole people to chase after drama upsurge. At present this drama is in preparatory phase, predict to switch on the mobile phone at the left and right sides end March 2022.

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Do you expect this pair to Yuan puts beautiful and Gong Jun on the ice handsome male beautiful female cooperate first? What view do you still have to this drama? Welcome everybody to leave a message to discuss You together.

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