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Original title: Crab fights, acting awkwardness, wang Jing is the Xin Yitian that holds new personality in both hands to pat, worthless Bag bag turns patted about the same a year, add next on 0 medicinal powder the conduct propaganda that come loose, ” lean on Tian Tulong newly to write down ” just began or hold out suffer expect, because everybody thinks meeting is the continuation of Li Lianjie version, such OK on add mostly about. But absolutely did not think of, disgusting audience still does not forget while Wang Jing eats him leftover unexpectedly, call together an a gang to pass the heavenly body of old brand harbor of fifty years old, looked for the alleged actor of two nets blush, zhi of week of Qiu Yinong personate if, small clear of Yun Qianqian personate, almost a lot of clew are put on body of these two new personality.

20220201034307 61f8ac4b93739

I do not think with Li Lianjie version makes contrast, after all, that version also needs to gold origianl work did bold and resolute actually adapt, after be being shown in those days even, also was to suffer of a lot of spit groove. Because travel together,be probably foil, yue Jiuyue can weigh time model is classical, so, the Tu Long leaning on a day of version wrote down Li Lianjie to be become what cannot replace is classical, move burlesque to go up especially, that can be sincere the occasion that does not depend on specially good effect to the flesh.

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Look round now look to go up at present of the line ” the open look result that leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” , it belongs to the upside of two music within, and the refashion that story content also is equivalent to is Li Lianjie version. Besides Zhang Cuishan Yan Susu is made that paragraph a bit adjust, and Zhang Moji became medium injury of cure of island of fire of ice of the regain after cold ice is poisonous, transfer with the time that the story serves as after 19 years next, other content do not have any changes almost.

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Concatenate end also was not done adjust, the Zhao Min of personate of the article Shan that chant and forest the Zhang Moji of personate comes again mostly about, that is to say, the story of the key still is put in bottom. But the platform of gallinaceous thief did not bale unexpectedly sale two, part however sale, can get two money so.

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Before Wang Jing to hold Qiu Yinong and Yun Qianqian in both hands, not hesitate to leave directly with the netizen scold, be two people even is net blush sent small gain anger to rancor designedly. Can see Wang Jing the preference to these two actors, knowing is to stem from take care of new personality or other reason, mouth of anyhow king brilliant says to not have by, the audience after looking has right to speak most.

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With respect to the upside that looked at present, the small clear of Yun Qianqian personate does not have the window on any acting, from appear begin beautiful over figure, see begin to send coquettish again after Zhang Moji. At the outset small clear of Qiu Shuzhen is true genius eccentric, and small clear of Yun Qianqian too too coquettish, although also be red dress, receive prostitution woman of the guest as ground of smoke Liu Zhi however, the spirit that lost small clear is angry.

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If the Zhou Zhi of Qiu Yinong personate is a pair of woebegone appearance from A to Z, always feel some blame her appearance quite, especially eye that, how is there’s no one who doesn’t or isn’t sootiness makeup is changed? This Zhou Zhi is like appearance of goosefoot of be not a patch on, more not as round as Gao Yuan, appearance acting is very poor.

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Forest of and Wen Yongshan cooperate not quite ideal, although two people are acting clique, but must be arranged by Wang Jing sister younger brother is loved, this too awkward, because forest and Wen Yongshan are absent at all a line, how to talk about feeling? If say them,be metropolis somebody believes sibling.

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Still a lot of people know gut is sure the meeting is sodden, then strong acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance goes, but after looking, just discover, occasion of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance also rots likewise. Because specially good effect developed,the likelihood is, a lot of administrative levels are sincere the tussle to the flesh, replace with specially good effect directly. For instance the tussle of bonze of Zhang Moji He Shaolin, the design of dragon ungual hand becomes 6 arms namely unexpectedly, 6 6 arms rise high into the air should appear to rotate behind Zhang Moji, I think is crab fights.

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Still have two people that there is wushu strength in this film Fan Shaohuang bear is thriving, flat the chance that does not give them base of fist of put to good use, below the premise that does not have osculatory forest , operation of a specially good effect gives them twice abandoned. The story of running water Zhang is driving plan hastily all the time, the character did not stand so that live at all, audience of if it were not for is early know gut, be afraid cannot remember at all among them part.

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Always say harbor piece downfallen, there still is momentary recovery of consciousness just before death probably before, saw Wang Jing’s Xin Yitian now, I feel, he is in again harbor piece ten nail were nailed on bier board, play feelings bad thoroughly, play rotted harbor piece.

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