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Original title: ” tornado girl ” hid how many big Ga after all, identify Wu Lei Jiang Yi to depend on, did not discover Xing Fei however

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” tornado girl ” the main actor is Yang Yang and Hu Bingqing, at that time they two people have proper name, especially the viewing rate safeguard that Yang Yang is this drama, but act the leading role besides two, other actresses are new personality more very, or a few fame return not very great actor, but the development that these actors pass this a few years, there had been proper place in recreational group, bai Jingting is the most apparent, present Xiaobai is resource really ceaseless, circle pink countless!

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Besides the Wu Lei of national little brother that this drama still has everybody, wu Lei serves as Tong Xing, acting nature is the problem that do not have what. Controlled 2015 nevertheless, person energy of life of Wu Lei and impetus still are done not have so apparent. In occupying, nevertheless Wu Lei is very lovely really, and with drama medium Tan loosens charm group Cp also is to be without violate and feel, and person energy of life of Wu Lei has been compared nowadays tall before more than little, also the costar of wherefrom moment can act the leading role to now teleplay.

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Besides this drama still has a small Tong Xing, it is Jiang Yi according to, jiang Yi is depended on in the personate in drama is Jinminzhu one horn, this is a costar that still holds out a colour, believe everybody has impression to this part! Because age is smaller,nevertheless the Jiang Yi at that time is depended on, it is normal to do not have present person energy of life to also be born, and in a few years Jiang Yi is depended on was brought up, of development better and better also, also began to become protagonist slowly, the passerby that Jiang Yi depends on also the reason is particularly good also.

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But do not know to have a person to notice to still have actually in this drama ” send us to warm warm Xiaoshi is smooth ” in Xing Fei, hou Caigang gives Xing Fei in those days before long, what she acts in drama is An Xiaoyue one horn, show share not very is much, it is very normal also to overlook her because of this everybody, go back to look again now nevertheless, discovery or pretty are good admit, and this also does not have Xing Fei a few years all the time change. Must say Xing Fei also is complete counterattack, now is true bright red!

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” tornado girl ” hid how many big Ga after all, identify Wu Lei Jiang Yi to depend on, did not discover Xing Fei however! How to look to this everybody

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