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Original title: Childhood 6 big ” peerlessly beautiful ” beauty, huo Shuixian the 5th, bai Feifei the 4th, the first beauty arrives acme! Everybody has the goddess in him memory in one’s childhood, especially a few 80 hind 90 hind, that moment sees a few female star on TV, always can be shaken by their fine-looking place. Small today make up take everybody to review childhood classical, see childhood 6 big ” peerlessly beautiful ” beauty, huo Shuixian the 5th, bai Feifei the 4th, the first simply the United States arrives acme!

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The 6th is Huang Yi act ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” medium Li Yuhu, the friend that has seen this teleplay knows, huang Yi is deduced mediumly in drama very denounce happy event, and the modelling in drama also is beautiful cannot honest other people. A lot of people because saw this teleplay,be encircled wildly by Huang Yi pink. The 5th is the Huo Shuixian that Cao Ying acts, although will look with present aesthetic standard, cao Ying does not calculate very conspicuous. But believe a lot of friends are looking in those days ” protect Long Chuang affection to close ” this teleplay when, regard Huo Shuixian as oneself childhood goddess. It is so in childhood memory of everybody, suddenly asphodel nature is to should go up of a list of names posted up.

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The 4th is the Bai Feifei that Wang Yan acts, although be part of villain in drama,Bai Feifei is in in teleplay, but let person hate do not rise namely, return even some feel distressed her. Actually in the final analysis is Wang Yan deductive this part very clear is pitiful, still have give the fine that act later, very clever also.

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The 3rd is the Zhao Min that Gu Jingwen acts, the childhood goddess in believing a lot of popular feeling look has Zhao Min. Gu Jingwen has acted part of a lot of ancient costume, every part is thorough popular feeling, can see Gu Jingwen fits ancient costume model very much really from this.

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The 2nd is the crape myrtle that Lin Xinru acts, crape myrtle falls a tear, the audience can feel distressed accordingly. Lin Xinru from since going out, had deduced a lot of classical parts, among them most make a person unforgettable should belong to return the crape myrtle among Zhugege.

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The first is ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” Li Retong of medium small Long Nv, belle of respecting ancient costume, li Retong be worthy of is to should go up of a list of names posted up. And small Long Nv of Li Retong deductive is mental view of a lot of people a medium classical, it is the childhood goddess that anybody cannot replace.

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