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Original title: Another suspense drama leaves sow! Ma Saichun in all affection capability is too strong, disclose feminine other one side How many friend still is immersed in in ” germinant ” go out not to come in gut? This 2022 year explode drama of paragraph suspense net, brief direct seeding gave gold archives to heat up the manner of drama greatly.

20220201034427 61f8ac9bd36d7

A lot of people like this theatrical work, besides distinctive ” circulate ” clue, powerful logic is propped up, still have the effort of whole group actors, especially advocate achieve group pedunculate conduct propaganda, let a person very hard do not look! Like the friends of suspense, can expect again recently! Another high-energy suspense drama leaves sow!

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Can be the teleplay that thinks of pure main actor by wheeler of golden horse shadow this! This ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” can compare ” germinant ” make should bigger, after all the family is 8 classics broadcast in mango stage. Originally everybody just misses take a chance, holding tried manner in the arms to see this play, who can think of, the car does not live with respect to Buddhist templeput on the brakes after before 6 market look!

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More what is more,the rather that the main actor of this drama can be Ma Saichun! Do not see this actress young, but but her acting is accepted fierce, since going out from her, every part is thorough popular feeling, especially her cry play, that appeal is true absolutely, the audience is taken very quickly gut. The Ma Saichun in drama, personate an Everyman that has asthmatic disease, the person sets, everybody can be forecasted ahead of schedule, affirmative meeting has female advocate the show share that asthmatic disease breaks out. As expected, this affirmative meeting that come comes.

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Although the audience had foretold ahead of schedule, but still be admired by Jing of acting of Ma Saichun refined! When seeing her asthma breaks out only, big mouth is big ground breathes, it is more in the eyes insecurity and terrified, look flustered, look for medical movement to become flurried repeatedly. The more anxious discover asthmatic drug harder, when to later him feeling cannot be borne already quickly, the sort of frightening and acedia and honest too let a person touch!

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Many netizens comment on: Want to wear the past to help her discover drug from inside screen really! Look at too afflictive.

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This paragraph performs to Ma Saichun character, OK really apotheosis! In the floret that serves as young generation, her acting is absolutely and OK be among the best of candidates, the sort of appeal that give is shown in her acting especially, invite an audience particularly easily in all affection. Because act too truely,still be after all too vivid!

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As to this hero, chose Bai Ke, although be in of everybody unexpected, but his acting is very pretty good still. The processing of all sorts of eyes, words and deeds behaves take hold, reach the designated position very naturally again. Mix when him especially female advocate because communication feels something wrong when interest, the sort of abysmal dug expression, true absolutely!

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Play of this paragraph of adversary makes an audience straight breathe out satisfy a craving! Look to feel the story of this backside is not simple, was full of be concerned about. As to so called drama in Su Rui of great villain in drama, the acting of the actor Liu Kai of this part also can encircle personate quite can nod, hair of the back after the audience sees his eyes is unavoidable is cool, feel it seems that a pair of eyes are looking attentively at him, the reveals a kind of nature chill sense of the instinct in his eyes and distance feel.

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Be in especially when be being oppugned, that share iciness is mixed in the eyes firm severe, as if a cuting knives, forward thorn of ground of firm of firm of the other side goes, this eyes, who does see fear!

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This drama besides actors acting is online beyond, subject matter also is very a bit what add cent, get on key focusing in female body, facing the life that belongs to oneself and career pressure already in ordinary life, face all sorts of menace of the husband even, saying is suspense subject matter, much also to human nature announce.

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This times, although everybody is saying the female is freer and freer, have speech right more and more, but a lot of moment, the female is little still in domesticity a position. The subject matter of this drama mirrorred instantly well all sorts of problems that may produce on female body in this times.

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Should see Su Rui exerts all his strength him curb the neck of wife, when pressing the other side in cistern even, this one act lets an audience look really too too furious! If can, wish to be beaten to this man. Obviously oneself are contributed to this family it doesn’t matter, still ask to oneself wife a lot of, can’t help plainting female advocate it is life suffering really. After Su Rui has an accident later, female advocate ” follow a rational line to do some work well ” the ground turned number one into the suspect, the gut from the back, nature is female advocate make a thorough investigation of desperately the truth of backside, it is him rinse suspicion next, from the point of current gut development, this drama is worth to be chased after really!

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The friends that like suspense must not be missed!

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