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Original title: The harvest that historical drama did not come to 9 years, watch the show of these 10 drama | Type theatrical work reports (8) On Feburary 1, 2022 print | Always the 2771st period today is tiger of the traditional Chinese calendar year first day of the lunar year. Still nod movie and TV today alone the reader of glossal article, be faithful user for certain. Here, pay a New Year call to everybody first, zhu Xinchun is happy, good luck. Say auspicious word, what still return us is daily in telling about, come. Movie and TV alone tongue all the time with ” do valuable thought to share ” for oneself, if do not talk about professional topic one day, can feel time is wasted, did not make good service. So, let us continue to talk about proposition of a few creation. Started this year in January ” 2022 types theatrical work reports ” series plan, had done before 7 period. Enlist industry of field of black unreal of creation of feeling of talk of battle of travel intelligence agent, city, theme, knight-errant, duty, suspense alarm the different subject matter such as legend of bandit, time, type sets out, did backdate and analysis. Today is last, talk about drama of ancient costume, history. The history play gets lost Feng Gongwei before course of study is early, ancient costume drama and historical drama are entirely different. Historical drama often is to point to the history drama, go up with the history famous the person that has a last name becomes protagonist, important matter not empty, bagatelle not stick to, following a prescribed pattern in speech or action is stern model. And the character in ancient costume drama, it is solid having its person still is pure like that fiction is not restricted, basically be Thespian of game of compose a quarrel say, cannot ask the joint of gut and history is spent. Came 10 years in the past, ancient costume drama all the way numerous Hua Shijin, and historical drama gradually decline drops. The Gong Dou in ancient costume drama is drama, ancient occasionally the east wind that drama of black unreal of drama and celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is taking big IP, puissant cut market. And the history that gives priority to the achievement of all one’s life of the photograph with the monarch drama retreats house brim, also cannot give two one year, even a particular year of shave bareheaded also has. Is this the natural choice of the market? Be. But this also is the market alternative that dominant of state of mind leaves a kind of eager for quick success and instant benefit. The history drama is the theme that can reflect Chinese teleplay to create actual strength most, it is us put at worldwide inside none inferior also type. We have the playwright-director with a batch of deep exercise to benefit the internal organs to perform the person that make creative work, mastered the skill of historical drama high-grade and method. The history drama is attributed to become silent, this is not the halo of a kind of industry absolutely. The create person that allows style of bravery of article of theatrical work of a batch of states is unused, this is enormous resources waste. The thing is fortunately occurrent change. Be in charge of the value that the branch had realized to teleplay of historical subject matter is created, held special subject informal discussion before two months. This opened a window to close in the historical drama in frowsty tank car in recent years, the person that also animated relevant creation on certain level. 20220201034529 61f8acd9b10be Nevertheless, the change that creates situation always needs a course. From this year each are important broadcast a sheet that platform releases in light of, the form of historical drama still sparse. In 5 David inspects a sheet to go up, have in be being made ” the world endless flow ” with what had finished ” month of the land of country bright ” two. Go up in a sheet of total stage CCTV, have ” big fellow is endowed with ” and ” Yang Mingchuan ” two, return the phase at collect folk songs or plan. ” the world endless flow ” by Zhang Ting playwrite and hold guide, tell about clear Dai Mingchen partner of old zhuang1huang2, Jin Fu, span the story of Yellow River of half century processing. The story that person and person fight is good write, the tale that person and river fight is versed in hard. This is the script that Zhang Ting writes 10 years ago, because of subject matter ” deserted ” and long-term cannot mount a horse. 20220201034530 61f8acda25bb0 Created wind direction to change now now, the historical character that feelings sinceres greatly becomes a hero increasingly. Zhang Ting adjusts a play this, it is on one hand those who strengthened irrigation works respect is professional, it is take out on the other hand of those peripheral dissociate ” amusement ” . Actually, drama has 10 thousand oneself your force, each defend its path to did not shake to be opposite. Gao Xixi hold those who guide ” month of the land of country bright ” patted 2018, endless long change the date was entered after killing blueness. Adjustment direction is: Take out palace fights line and plot to talk, more reflects the concept of manage state affairs of Zhu Yuanzhang and Zhu Di. The creation of historical drama, for a time excessive covered emperor child seize the wife of a prince after of lineal descent is mixed to contend for the play that bestow favor on to pile up, moved toward the jungly law that leads without value. Before the melee of the palace after face has a problem of course, but take out after these how to build new dramatic, also be the difficult problem that must solve. 20220201034530 61f8acdad5ad4 ” big fellow is endowed with ” and ” Yang Mingchuan ” the problem with nonexistent windy value. ” big fellow is endowed with ” get on below two, the first writes Chinese fierce emperor ” make me strong Chinese, although far put to death surely ” power raise story, the 2nd writes Chinese light Wu Dizhong to promote big fellow, the story that rises abruptly once more. Han Tang is the period of black prime of life of the Chinese nation, such story has been written can greatly strong person mind. ” Yang Mingchuan ” it is to be Wang Shouren to make pass. Alleged ” make contributions establishs heart predication ” 3 immortal, the person of only very few also number that can accomplish on China history 5000, and Wang Shouren is a among them. 20220201034531 61f8acdb140fc This is should make early with movie and TV pass, but the person that accompanies without look of great music work namely. This witnessed the creation difficulty of this selection of subject from flank. Nowadays, 3 people group formed a gold: Shen Jie playwrite, zhang Yongxin hold guide, liu Heping holds the post of literary adviser, this difficulty captures in sight. ” month of the land of country bright ” and ” the world endless flow ” it is to going up to be renovated on the foundation of generation history drama and be become, ” big fellow is endowed with ” and ” Yang Mingchuan ” it is to stand in the historical theatrical work that new creative work begins in cycle to compose. They have an opportunity to gain the favour of the audience. 20220201034531 61f8acdb4242a From go up at all say, historical subject matter because of the Gu Zao between meantime and distance distant, emergence the intellectual field of vision of average person, without too much value frame, had larger play space. In the meantime, historical endless flow is winding and labyrinthian, the historical event that can offer gather and character are numerous, it is the rich soil that wonderful and Thespian Lai Yichang gives. The Northern and Southern Dynasties of advance of the Kingdom of Wei is historical drama rich ore. Of Na Du of clothes and hat, Xiao Yan treat, Wei Xiaowen emperor is worth great feature article or story. Those who need an attention is, again celebrated article treats military accomplishment and again elegant article collect folk songs to flow, it is setting and impression only, is not Thespian main body and terminus. As a kind of literary form, the essence of teleplay is Thespian, the trick has been written, historical achievement and poetics picture meaning just have adherent place. Creation of extensive history drama drifts along with wind above is the history on traditional sense drama. If we open eye shot in a way a few, contain legend colour but the ancient costume drama of gout gravity also counts extensive history drama, can go up in a sheet of video website discover work of the six ministries in feudal China: ” password of graph of the river on Pure Brightness ” ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” ” what microscope falls is big bright ” ” two Beijing 15 days ” ” big bright bookseller ” ” cunning thing records Tang Chao ” . Appear in piece the drama of other ancient costume on sheet, basically be a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of knight-errant, celestial being, black unreal, cruel is loved, sweet bestow favor on, the type such as comedy, do not make here discuss. Try the fountainhead of afore-mentioned a list of plays to examine, to sum up in a word, it is Ma Baiyong work and other. ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” ” what microscope falls is big bright ” ” two Beijing 15 days ” ” big bright bookseller ” the novel that comes from Ma Baiyong or net article, 4 place were taken in 6 banquet. ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” create 2005, be Ma Baiyong go out make. Two when tell about period of the Three Kingdoms ” nobody ” Chen Gong and a surname brag, saga is written down in battle of espionage of Sichuan the Kingdom of Wei. This drama by Lu Yang hold guide, chen Kun, Bai Yu presents as leading role to act the leading role. Lu Yang is film director, pat teleplay to be able to have certainly video the chic pursuit that go up. The work of his associate with, showed conspiratorial to political wrestle and face hall interest. Take a such theatrical work now, should be forehand hand. 20220201034532 61f8acdc4589f ” what microscope falls is big bright ” it is hypostatic book, I saw the on-the-spot record work with this elaborate textual research at a heat in road bussiness trip. The beginning and end of the incident of politics of Ming Daiji layer that it related 6 to be hidden in a heap of musty old books or papers, clue free and easy, afford for thought. Read this book, you can experience the system that develops to height of Chinese ancient time to design, and the crooked mouth bonze that nowhere is absent people to the system destroy force. Of this drama adapt, off-the-peg train of thought is the form with unit drama, real name ground tries narrate. The story is enough and wonderful, but those abstract system textual research and article table bowstring, how explain of ground of explain the profound things in a simple way is white, it is difficulty. 20220201034532 61f8acdcdfc79 ” two Beijing 15 days ” and ” what microscope falls is big bright ” concerned couplet, equestrian uncle needs a data that is latter collect is medium trashy the part that go up, wrote a new story: Zhu Zhan radical hastens home for the funeral of a parent or grandparent and ascend the throng. This paragraph of history is in ” big bright elegance and talent ” in had had appear, have certain legend sex. Such story arrived in Ma Baiyong hand, little not of the infuse of cerebral hole and textual research add hold. Between false or true, glamour be overflowing with. Of this drama it is OK to adapt ” Chang’an 12 time ” the ancient bronze mirror that it is lens. Make suspense feeling and historical sense sufficient, can hold an audience. And if can have a driving masterstroke be well versed in complete piece, can avoid to weigh skip ” Chang’an 12 time ” mid collapse lumbar the track of an overturned cart. Chang Jiang has written write a play ” Si Mayi of main forces division ” , be worth to expect. 20220201034533 61f8acdd81746 More interesting is ” big bright bookseller ” . The fountainhead of this drama is Ma Baiyong hair go up in small gain, an article of bookseller of the edition that write pilfer ” crooked is petty gain sells paper the person ” . As the essay, it is interest is full. As the story, it is inattentive and trifling, liberal also Yu Ming is acting. This can revise play, visible Ma Baiyong is hot, also invest Fang Xinru to heat up charcoal it is thus clear that. Be in story of bookseller of all previous face centrally ” big bright bookseller ” on the body, this is not a problem, but the fill that the clue measures, need does the work that starts formerly in great quantities. That is to say, the task of playwrite is to change not only, should be born more hair, and it is to not have seam unripe hair of butt joint type. It is not difficult to cannot call. 20220201034534 61f8acde34dfc Besides Ma Baiyong IP, still have the theatrical work of dense of two suspense colour. ” password of graph of the river on Pure Brightness ” it is the drama of suspense of new nation wind that A Liwen amusement manufactures, adapt the homonymic novel from smelt metal Wen Biao. Name of Northen Song Dynasty is drawn ” the river on Pure Brightness pursues ” drew 824 people. Arrived ” password of graph of the river on Pure Brightness ” in, their everybody is famous have a last name, and each have a load on one’s mind. Look be like millennium, kill actually machine 4 bend over. In butcher peddle in sound, the spy of the country such as gold, distant, the Western Xia regime, Gao Li, assassin already conceal suitable for a painting, those who pull open dynasty of Northen Song Dynasty to complete collapse is prelusive… see this brief introduction, had let popular feeling give birth to curiosity. “Password ” two words are added, suspense feeling is born suddenly. Whole book altogether 6, conceive 5 years, compose 3 years, layout is baronial, one paper is faddish after publishing. The key of success or failure depends on a clue accept or reject and of atmosphere reductive. 20220201034534 61f8acded87b6 ” cunning thing records Tang Chao ” supervise the manufacture of of You Guojing eaves, adapt from writer Wei Fenghua homonymic origianl work, related a series of anecdote different issues of Tangchao happening. Wei Zhonglang of Chang’an Jin Wu Lu Ling Feng, pass name of child Su Mo in person with Di Renjie hand in hand crack a criminal case, reveal the truth below clever different idea. This drama acts the leading role by Yang Zhigang and Yang Xu article, blueness was killed in May 2021. The work is made after already was being finished at present, the evaluation that the expert gives out is: Complete theatrical work is delivered piece do away with the superstitious, sturdy belief that controlling unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease surely. Below normal circumstance, meet with respect to meeting and audience first quarter this year. 20220201034535 61f8acdfaa226 Scan these 6 drama, ma Baiyong is become red admittedly in order to create actual strength render, but also see the withered that gave historical story to create a handsome appearance. Write built on stilts, pass through, old practice of celestial being group is easy, write footprint has a shadow to have textual research sapid work is hard. The network novel of the ancients of do sth in sb else’s name, be to which write to calculate almost, the hole that use a brain replaces textual research kongfu, replace with mood and desire think, want to adapt the work of movie and TV of serious interest, more difficult than entering a day. 6 drama are IP is adapted completely, see those who gave historical play to achieve ability formerly is feeble. Platform considers duplicate and successful case only, dare not believe to achieve the ability of playwrite formerly, also do not have time to hammer into shape the ability that achieves playwrite formerly, caused today the bureau when. Do not know when to just can walk out of this kind of loop really. Of course, I am not to say to adapt guilty, the scale that be adapted however and achieves formerly is already serious unbalance, this has a problem certainly. Sum up a few. The history drama, future should be met the government sector enters, stress the history the subjective activity of the person that drama should produce creative work, butt joint resource, let go awaiting is best means. And more of extensive history drama is commercial act, a case succeeded jian hou mian will be ceaseless somebody catchs up with. Successive two case failed, with respect to can unmanned make inquires. The market can choose ongoing way naturally, and go by him. We can do, it is to expect more achieve playwrite horizontal stroke to be born for nothing formerly. [civil / Li Xingwen] click ” read textual ” examine ↓ of ↓ of ↓ of more history information

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