Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Does the plan have change? The net passes Xiao Zhanxin drama to had contacted 4 female advocate, vermicelli made from bean starch emphasizes respecting cooperative actor Recently, on the net about Xiao Zhanxin drama ” that sea in the dream ” explode makings emerge in endlessly, and explode makings have period of time, just do not have Guan Xuan all the time. Be worth what carry is, now nowadays explode makings had begun multifarious, have explode expect this new theatrical work that still discloses Xiao Zhan has contacted 4 female advocate, does the plan have change? However vermicelli made from bean starch people the attitude is very specific, await Guan Xuan, also respect Xiao Zhan all cooperative actors. Go up according to the net explode makings, xiao Zhanxin drama ” that sea in the dream ” had contacted Li Qin, Miao Miao, Yang Caiyu and Cai Wenjing 4 female advocate, have irresponsible gain more even advocate say ” cut is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad ” , ” upstage ” etc, upload bubbling with noisely in the net. At present actually this work did not get Guan Xuan, actor respect is character 8 was not cast aside more, whether to have Xiao Zhan, female advocate who be after all, we are not clear.

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As vermicelli made from bean starch, although so called Xiaozhan is at present new,drama does not have Guan Xuan, but everybody had demonstrated an attitude, await Guan Xuan on one hand, do not cross much evaluation and explanation, respect Xiao Zhan on the other hand all cooperative actors, do not allow to exist ” pull walk ” and ” fling abuses ” . This is vermicelli made from bean starch all the time people manner and aspirations, just total somebody can break this kind of harmony, point to spearhead Xiao Zhan, vermicelli made from bean starch, this is eyewash purely.

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Anyhow, our dispute often expects new theatrical work of Xiao Zhan, but still be that word, premise condition is Guan Xuan, this are very important. For the moment of new theatrical work does not say, xiao Zhan can join in ” grand ceremony of year of Chinese network seeing and hearing ” , time is at the beginning of good year 2, this grand ceremony can expect, got Guan Xuan after all.

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Does the plan have change? Itself does not have this plan. The hope is like Zhan Shunshun benefit, we also can continue to maintain pay close attention to and expect.

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