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Original title: Did TV soubrette of more than 10 years, pull wires Cheng Lei’s marriage, home swims after be punished Regard recreation as compere, general metropolis manages the program of different type and evening party, in order to facilitate oneself are accumulated more chairing experience. And this compere that says today, from begin to chair experience punishment to cannot go up lens, direct the program of a type basically, she is called the Ni Lin of TV soubrette namely.

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Be graduated from the Ni Lin of northwest Normal University, graduation hind ever had become a teacher, entered office 1997 the stage of Shanghai cable television at that time, replace after a year far the Dong Qing that goes to CCTV, chair date kind of program ” make an appointment on Saturday ” , the TV soubrette road that walks up more than 10 years from now on. In make an appointment the program is medium on Saturday, male chair changed many people, but female chairing is Ni Lin all the time. Of Ni Lin chair composed and easy, with respect to wife and children resembling adjacent the elder sister lets you feel kind euqally, so a lot of honored guests passed a program to become a good friend with her.

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Ni Lin still is Cheng Lei’s soubrette, bud of wife king bud is Ni Lin is prentice. After Cheng Lei takes a fancy to king bud bud in those days, it is to request Ni Lin to be in in the center pull wires builds the bridge, just be fond of a knot finally to connect manage, and on wedding Ni Lin is returned be chief witness at a wedding ceremony. Since the undeserved one’s words on plute evening party, after be being prohibited giving looking glass, ni Lin also gives out her to visit the photograph of each district on small gain, adjust state of mind for the development henceforth also do not have not not be a favour.

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