Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Look vicarious with star many resemble? Netizen: Xie Ting sharp edge is vicarious more handsome than him What a lot of actors have him is vicarious, and those who have some of actor is vicarious, grow with oneself simply exactly like. In drama, if it were not for pays close attention to particularly, we do not look to give among them weak point at all. And is respecting vicarious with star many resemble? The famousest, be about to belong to a few star below. 1. Zhou Runfa has looked ” let bullet fly ” friends remember for certain, zhou Runfa is inside personate Huang Silang, in drama, he looked for a scapegoat, grow with oneself exactly like, and this scapegoat, be Zhou Runfa is vicarious those who act. When the film is shown, a lot of people think is Zhou Runfa one person cent impersonates two character, cannot think of however, was to search actually vicarious.

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Of Shi Shi of Liu of 2. Liu Shi Shi vicarious call Li Ting, two people stand one case, others is divided almost do not come out who is. Because grow too picture, it is twin that a lot of people still know two people. Also cannot think of even him Liu Shishi probably, there can be a person actually on the world, grow with her exactly like.

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What 3. thanks thunderbolt sharp edge to thank thunderbolt sharp edge is vicarious call Wu Wendong, patting ” small fish do not have with the flower be short of ” when, two people had had group photo, see them close after illuminating, a lot of netizens express, those who thank thunderbolt sharp edge is vicarious grow handsomely still than him himself, can go out alone. 20220201040524 61f8b1848eb45

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