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Original title: ” the city of time ” why does Meng Xuan hate Rong Dingkun? Elder sister green Zhi is amative head, big ending is very regretful! The city # article of time of # Jing Tian / Luo Xiaoke is exceeded by Xu Weizhou, Jing Tian, classics, the time legend drama of the main actor such as Wang Yifei ” the city of time ” heating up in sowing, homonymic novel adapts treasure of blown away by wind of this drama basis, related the love story that each other support be locked in a stalemate on governess Feng Shizhen and Rong Jia of rich home son of a feudal prince or high official. Jing Tian and the assorted can that make Wei Zhou compare king blast, two people have Yan Zhi to take on, special that figure in according with heart of origianl work pink. And via exceeding deductive male 2 Meng Xuan also are the biggest painted eggshell, he is outside Confucianism elegant gentle, every act is enigmatic, take mysterious tall cold temperament oneself. Original the vengeance that he uses feminine lead state of mind, became her emissary that protect a flower however accidentally later. Why does Meng Xuan hate Rong Dingkun of business circles big Ga? The answer is on body of green Zhi of elder sister the first month, in those days she is love crazy mad, fling caution to the winds marry Rong Dingkun does concubine, marriage hind gives Qian Zheng to relieve crisis of the economy that allow the home, encountered disappoint is mixed however betray, big ending is very regretful!

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As disparate as Feng Shizhen of young lady of abjection a thousand pieces of gold is, meng Qingzhi grows beautifully, be learned and courteous again, family circumstances liberals abundant, but her love view is carried quite however not clear. When getting acquainted with Rong Dingkun at the outset, meng Qingzhi is planning to go to the United States aureate take advanced courses, however the style of conversation with humor and humorous the other side, let this do not know well the Bai Fumei of affairs of human life indulged deeply. The those when those is engraved, rong Dingkun has been heavily in debt, the business encountered heavy pressure and test, he goes up personally in Meng Xuan of young lady of a thousand pieces of gold however saw hope and outlet.

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Obviously Rong Dingkun already wife concubine group, use honey-tongued flicker Meng Qingzhi however, let her divide the reality of not quiet life and iciness. And blueness Zhi disregarded the first month to object or be married later look home, the fund that a married woman’s parents’ home uses after marriage comes allowance husband home, follow concubine even people battle of wits fights brave, the time passes narrowly and painful. After Rong Dingkun achieves his goal, he forgot Meng Xuan’s loving-kindness gradually, continue in the field of fame and gain of time excessive colour mediate of ups and downs, become the person with Shanghai famous beach.

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Green Zhi of belle of tall record of formal schooling is in in disappointment, seek the way in be less than a heart, after she is delivered of son Meng Jiuzhi often sullen, and this are little brother Meng Xuan from beginning to end the thorn in the heart. Meng Xuan thinks from beginning to end the life of elder sister pathos, it is the mistake that Rong Dingkun cannot make up for in fantastic experience, he cannot be at ease to be faced with the calm. Look at Feng Shizhen cautious in the deal with that allow the home, meng Xuan’s original plan is the eye clue that yields her to do her, however female advocate the look that has Yong Youmou is real gloriously radiant! Connect the Meng Xuan of black control oneself of all along tall cold abdomen, he wants cannot refrain fromingly to understand and be stood by, after all Feng Shizhen just is ” the world is sober ” the existence like ah. When scene is complacent, she from beginning to end not arrogant not impetuous, freely of advance and retreat; And dim kink when, she is neither haughty nor humble also, easy and elegant.

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Even if Feng Shizhen lays the condition of love to the heart on Rong Jia, she is maintaining sober ego however, that is social billows not the self-confident feeling of Jing, still have should rise and fall to rising the stance with the easiest dog days. If Meng Qingzhi has such regaining consciousness, probably ending will be disparate, rong Dingkun is not Rong Jia after all go up, a delicate egocentric is met only the increase is the biggest change, “Be worth ” 2 words just are the footnote with best life! Everybody is close people, you how does look upon Xu Weizhou, Jing Tian, classics exceed, the main actor teleplay such as Wang Yifei ” the city of time ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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