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Original title: When the rise in revolt on Xiang Huang of mother of an emperor, wei Hang head why the late night takes a scholar to leave, to obscure true identity Charming father takes you to seek theatrical work of the most significant movie and TV, take you to analyse the heaviest will of people. Everybody is good, I am charming father, like to analyse drama of movie and TV deep, guess the intention of the popular feeling in drama of movie and TV and director, the likelihood has you to was not guessed here, possibly also you are overlooked, charming father is acted according to one by one for you on.

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Mother of an emperor begins pair of the emperor launch an attack eventually, and this also drag in gave a lot of businesses, e.g. the same night redemptive belt is worn the Wei Hang head that the scholar runs away, mention Wei Hang head to must say Ming Lan and the feeling of the bright that consider the seat of a monarchical government again. It is the husband first, the sweetheart is after, ming Lan understands inner affection eventually. Ming Lan all the time very keep one’s eyes peeled, even if is at the outset driving on Gu Tingye should marry her, he draws out a heart to draw out lung even if, she feels as before, cannot bother Gu Tingye, cannot be opposite him too depend on, cannot at every turn relies on him. Actually, ming Lan’s idea, be in current socially, it is independent female actually, economy is independent, the heart is independent, have the definite view, also deserve to go up first-rate man, just consider the court of a feudal ruler to firelight or sunlight not to think so, although be in,the bright that consider the seat of a monarchical government is love then it seems that, but in contemporary we look, be made a bit, and nod old man creed a bit, always feel the woman should be recumbent his, but in fact, he is in a lot of moment are slippery, perhaps say, he and Ming Lan should be mutual support. Ming Lan such idea lasts all the time, when to arrive to began to change slowly? When beginning to discover at every turn of the bright that consider the seat of a monarchical government considers for oneself from her, discover from her she also is met to consider bright of the court of a feudal ruler to promote other woman jealous, go e.g. the Kingdom of Wei this first person, discover truly from her, gu Tingye does not fall for nothing in the room in oneself those who fall, the heart that awaits her in those days has begun to trust to this husband gradually, go out till Gu Tingye finish sth, by health aunt this thing complicity is exiled. Tell the truth, ming Lan is knocked ascend hear of beat stubborn let popular feeling ache, but she the husband that right now heart makes fun of even if is wanting how to save oneself, she is wanting how to should seek a lease of life, even if oneself are knocked die, await in those days without any consideration Ming Lan, it is love pole miserable appearance of Gu Tingye, ignore the safety and danger that fills the home, disregard oneself body, no matter others uses what kind of eye to see his, without giving thought to what ruse, go according to the idea of own heart only. Actually, this thing, it is plan of the emperor skill. If Gu Tingye also knows, that rather too too cruel, but small make up feel, gu Tingye won’t know, otherwise the wife that impossible be willing to part with or use just produced has a rough time in that way, so the likelihood is the emperor to get rid of mother of an emperor is hiding the truth from all people, after Gu Tingye has left, just know its fact, hurried back when coming, as it happens helps his wife. Fruit of mother of an emperor was duped really, after hearing Gu Tingye’s dead news, began to change a hand, notable is, gave Wei Hang a first camera lens at that time, that is late night belt the move is big silver gives him redemptive, pulling a scholar to run away in conflagration next. Why does Wei Hang head act at that time after all, be afraid with her the identity is concerned. Wei Hang head why this moment acts, it is mother of an emperor to the emperor rise in revolt when, turmoil of war when, and how can she have so much silver? Above all the first kind likelihood, that is this money it is Gu Tingye or post king gives, know because of them mother of an emperor wants launch an attack, no less than going to is waited for here, as once female bosom friend, also had helped oneself so a few, let her live according to her wish, it is Gu Tingye is the most generous, but have bit of have not a leg to stand on at this o’clock actually, because Gu Tingye connects his wife to did not tell, how may let Wei Hang head go, not be to invite suspicion of mother of an emperor so, in crucial hour, such small part can be very can seductive.

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So additionally one is plant likely, that is the female bosom friend that Wei Hang head is not Gu Tingye, however the spy that arrangement of mother of an emperor is beside Gu Tingye, she perhaps follows Gu Tingye really at first, after Dan Guting bright married Minglan, go rarely there, so Wei Hang head knows he cannot take the door that visits the home for certain, wei Hang head liked to go up later that scholar, mother of an emperor weighs golden hook in with respect to group person Wei Hang head, in that way Wei Hang head can think he is redemptive taking a scholar to leave. This moment the Kingdom of Wei goes head redemptive leave, because Gu Tingye had died,most propbably is, and mother of an emperor cashs oneself acceptance, wei Hang head no time to lose in doing the job, before turmoil of war, taking a scholar to leave. Be worth what carry is, before the thing of paragraphs of small general, perhaps be arrangement of skill of Wei Hang head, box up his hands or feet, go out to let Gu Tingye only, die to let Gu Tingye namely actually, just consider the court of a feudal ruler to firelight or sunlight a few times to be done not have by assassinate absolutely life just.

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And the ending of Wei Hang head, perhaps know to deny not regular meeting to give out, but small make up can guess, do not meet what good outcome, because sheet sees the look of that scholar, foolish foolish logy, more important is, mention a skilful writer, think of Sun Xiucai with respect to couplet letting a person in that way, the surface what mingle with men of knowledge and pose as a lover of culture, do not have disgrace gentle, but the thing that do is however most of degenerate, so the Kingdom of Wei of disappoint of the meeting on very big probability goes head. Above is charming father is achieved formerly, borrowed find out after all surely. Leave you to mean saying word, welcome everybody to be discussed together.

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